Paving Your Way To Body Positivity

Loving yourself has become an important act, not only for yourself but for those around you including the girls who are entering a stage in their life where they get begin to start feeling conscious over physical aspects. You, as a grown woman, need to show them that “the perfect body” does not exist. It is simply a myth by society. Instead, what we can consider as a perfect body is one where you are allowed to be as you are and live as you want. There is no one size that everyone is supposed to fit into, it is our diversity that makes us beautiful and unique. The important thing is this case is to be healthy, and whilst achieving that, you shouldn’t forget to appreciate yourself as you are.

In order to improve yourself, you don’t have to put yourself down with degrading comments. It’s alright to improve but don’t hate on your body whilst doing so as it is only through self-acceptance that you can be healthier, physically and mentally. Here are 5 ways for you to accept yourself as you and love it.

Embrace Your Unique Shape

We are not meant to look like the models in the magazines, even those models don’t look like themselves thanks to photo-shop and other software but does that mean you or they aren’t beautiful? Certainly not. We all have different features and it is this variation that makes us beautiful because if we were supposed to come as clones of each other, we would have but instead, we have our own shapes and sizes. Sometimes we want to change that shape slightly but that doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful as you are. What you may see as an aspect to improve, others may see as an aspect to want. That’s the beauty of diversity. Some of us wish to look lean and muscular whilst others appreciate the curves of their body. Some of us have wide hips, thigh gaps, long legs, and so much more but each of those physical traits should be appreciated because they form to make up who you are. And you should love yourself no matter what shape or size you are because you are unique, you are the only one like you and that is a miracle in itself.

Have A Positive Mindset

Our mind is constantly active with different thoughts and when it comes to our physical appearance, these thoughts tend to be on the negative side which can discourage us in a lot of ways and affect our mental health negatively. Just because something is said in the flow of your thoughts doesn’t mean that thought is true and therefore, it shouldn’t be treated as such. If your mind is saying something, consider the fact that would you want these words said to your friend, family or even a stranger because if not then you do not deserve to hear them either. In these cases, focus on positivity and what you like about yourself.

Be Grateful

We can very easily point out our flaws, looking at the aspects we want to change without realizing that there is nothing wrong with them. This is because we are afraid of what will be said about these flaws if they are noticed by those around us and pointed out. However, in this fear, we forget to feel grateful. Grateful for the things that we can do through the help of certain physical features such as legs. Why must we be fixated on the fact that we have thin legs when they have helped us hike to the top of a mountain?

Health Should Be The First Priority

The desire for fitness is a good one and should be encouraged but the drive behind this desire should be a positive one. Instead of doing it for the sake of looking good, it should be done for health benefits because only then will one not only stay motivated enough but also achieve a healthier lifestyle without affecting themselves negatively. A positive motivation for a positive change is necessary.

Don’t Let Your Weight Stop You

There is more to life than just a measurement on a weighing scale therefore, nothing should be put off on the excuse that a goal weight needs to be reached. Instead, one should grasp any opportunity that comes their way because they deserve it and shouldn’t be deprived of it on the basis of their looks. Life will not wait for you so don’t let anything yourself be stopped by your own self, whatever it is, you deserve it so go for it and love yourself enough to know that.