Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Porsche has released details and pricing for its new Panamera Turbo S, including the first Executive version of the car.

The “base” version will start for $180,300. Porsche added two turbochargers to the engine to generate 50 extra horsepower, bringing the total to a huge 570 horsepower. That’s the equivalent of eight Smart cars, and good enough for a top speed of 192 mph.

And to make sure you hear all 570 ponies, the optional sport exhaust system provides an “acoustic channel” between the engine and the car’s interior, that can also be switched off when you want to listen to NPR instead.

The Executive version, with a $200,500 MSRP, offers all that power, plus a few fancier features. As is the case with most packages like this one, more attention is paid to the passengers than to the driver, though we’re not sure who would want to give up control over all that power.

The wheelbase is extended by 5.9 inches, offering more room, especially in the backseat. The windows are insulated for noise and heat, and include privacy glazing.

Ventilated seats are standard, as are electronic roll-up sunblinds, in case the thermal-insulated windows aren’t up to the task. The two passengers in back also get to play with a big center console.

porshe panamera turbo s