How To Throw A Retirement Party During Covid-19



Your loved one has worked their whole life and now has the chance to live the retired life. Retiring a is a real accomplishment, and this accomplishment should be celebrated. The only problem is with Covid-19 has taken hold of pretty much the whole world, and there is nowhere to escape it. So how can you help celebrate such a big moment while staying safe?  

We have come up with three creative ideas to help celebrate the retiree while still staying safe.

Drive-By Retirement Party

A drive-by retirement party can be a great way to still see everyone you would have had at your party but a distance. You will still create and send out retirement invitations to your friends, family, and co-workers, except the only setup you will need to do for the party is pull out a couple of lawn chairs and wait for everyone to drive by your home. Your guests will stay in their cars, and they will chat with you and give you their congratulations as you talk from a safe distance on your lawn.  

The Smart idea is to put a different time on each invitation so that you don’t have a backlog of cars waiting to get the chance to talk with you. This will help keep a consistent flow of traffic and make for a better experience for everyone.

Another great idea is to put several refreshments next to the curb where you guests can pick up a little something as they chat with you and still never have to get out of their vehicles.

Social Distance Picnic Party

Talk to your city and schedule one of the parks in your town. Once you have the location nailed down, you can send out your invites to your guests. On the day of the big event, take as many blankets as you can find and lay them out in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Then have your guests bring their own food and sit and chat.  

You can enjoy everyone’s company. You can even incorporate some of the traditional retirement party ideas such as a speech or even ask everyone to bring a drink so you can give a retirement toast.

Zoom Party

We can’t make a quarantine party list without including Zoom. Zoom has now become a household name, thanks to Covid-19. Many businesses have been using Zoom to hold their meetings, but it also works great for personal as well. You can have as many as 49 callers on your screen at once, but as many as 1000 people on the call at once. So for all of you that are a big deal, you will have to limit your guest lost to 1000.

Don’t think just because the world is in quarantine; you are going to have to miss out on your big party. Celebrate the ending of one chapter of life and the beginning of a new with your friends and family.