Ring Style Guide: Rings for Women

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Rings are a timeless staple in every stylish woman’s collection! They are versatile, interesting and more often than not, they tell you a lot about the wearer. Rings are sentimental, personal and highly subjective, so when you’re shopping for one and you can’t quite make up your mind, it can be frustrating. Banish stress by consulting this guide to ring styles, trends and looks! You’ll find your perfect pieces in absolutely no time:

Ring Styles 

To find your perfect ring, you need to know what style options you have!

Classic Band: A classic band ring is a solid piece that’s, on average, 2.5mm in width. These are usually a solid metal, or alternate material, and can have an embroidered pattern. Band rings are timeless, stackable and great for mixing with other, more contemporary models! 

Gemstones: Precious stone rings are equally as classic and elegant as the band ring, only a little bit more exciting! There are so many stones that you can find in gorgeous ring styles including opal, emerald, sapphire, garnet, ruby and amber. Birthstone rings are also a wonderful and even more personal choice, especially for a gift!

Diamonds: Diamond studded rings come in all shapes and styles! There is the traditional engagement ring, which is simple diamond on a gold or platinum band, infinity rings which are encrusted all over, and countless styles in-between! You can find the most gorgeous patterns, from symbols to starts and letters, there’s no limit to this style.



Chains: Chain style rings are gorgeously modern and majorly on-trend right now. Chains are everywhere in the jewellery world and thank god the trend made its way to our fingers! Chain style rings are incredibly dainty, and they look amazing when worn alone or, especially, when layered. Wear a chain style ring on every finger for the ultimate minimalist statement! They are very thin and add just a hint of gleam to your look, so you can wear them to just about any occasion.

Tube: The tube ring is effortlessly cool, eye-catching and modern. A tube ring will be much thicker than traditional ring styles, with some running all the way up to your knuckle! These add an amazing, almost masculine statement to your look and go great when worn with other, more feminine style delicate rings. Be sure to find one in your favourite, high-quality metal, any scratches or tarnishing is really going to show up on a tube ring.   

Wrap Around: Wrap rings are a band that does not meet in the middle, and instead creates an interesting, wrap shape. These are creative, beautiful and ornate on any finger! You can find solid metal wraps, a wrap in the shape of something beautiful (like a leaf) or an embellished piece. Wraps are great if you struggle to find comfortable or fitted rings.


Now that you’re versed on the most popular and stylish ring styles, you can get exploring! Styling and stacking your rings is incredibly on-trend at the moment. To successfully pull off this look, it’s usually best to stick to one metal, and if you’re using colour or stones, one tone. Of course, you can mix together all metals and colours, but it risks looking outdated and a little chaotic. Try to stack at least three delicate rings on each hand if you like the look, or if you really want to get layering, opt for five. The unspoken rule of design is to stick to odd numbers, this stops your styling from looking too over calculated.


Rings for women are the perfect addition to everyone’s jewellery collection, whether you’re gifting or shopping for yourself, as long as you’ve got the right size, it’s hard to go wrong!