7 Romantic Vegan Desserts That Can Sweeten Up Your Dinner Date

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Dating a vegan can be tough at times. Or you can say all the time, especially, when you both are a foodie. You might have known your partner very well, but did you find out how they are able to survive on just green leaves, fruits, and eggplants, which has nothing to do with eggs. Vegans have their own holy ways to nurse their bellies and no one can actually figure it out. But here’s something for them so that you can bag their heart right away and keep the spirit of your date alive. Wondering what it is? Following is the list of desserts that are purely vegetarian and guess what, they taste as heavenly as they should.


Chocolate Mania

Known as the king of desserts, an eggless chocolate cake can be perfect for your date. Made with flour, dark chocolate, sugar, cocoa, this can satiate their taste buds and take them on a delectable ride to a world of sweet indulgence. This can either be a chocolate truffle cake, a brownie cake, or a Ferrero Rocher cake.

Oreo Jar Cake

An oreo cake is an eggless cake in a jar. It has oreo chunks, layers of chocolate, fresh whipped cream and is made from the purest of ingredients such as milk, sugar, flour, and cocoa. A simple after dinner dessert, this jar cake can make you both fall in love after every dig.

Strawberry Cheesecake

A pure delight to dazzle and surprise your vegan mate. A summer cake without eggs, this cake topped can be a pure bliss. Beautifully adorned with fresh whipped cream, fluffy sponge, and fresh strawberries, you can simply swoon your dearest one with this decadence.

Butterscotch Fuse

Fused with dry fruits, caramel, butterscotch shavings, cream, this can be a real twist for your partner. This indulgent pick is brimming with health along with hints of sweetness and is all set to open the unexpected gates of the sweetest symphony.

Ravishing Red Velvet

It is slices of heaven bunched together into something really tantalizing, appetizing, and really mouth-watering. This flavorsome delight can dazzle your special someone with its pure beetroot flavor, cream, flour, and sugar. Serve a slice of it and watch your date go bonkers after the very first bite.

Black forest Twist

Wondering how can you explode flavors into their mouth in a single bite? Well, an eggless black forest cake is your answer. Every single bite is a real entry to melt in mouth flavors, consisting of creamy texture, fluffy chocolate sponge, and an enthralling chocolate layer. Scrumptious enough to warm your partner’s heart, every bite of this cake is enough to make them relish your love impeccably.

Fruit Delight

To vegans, fruits are the building blocks of their world and with a fruitcake after your dinner date, you can plate up a fresh healthier world to them. Crowned with fruits like kiwis, oranges, mangoes, grapes, cherries along with dry fruits, this luscious cake can delight, dazzle, and surprise the one whom you love unconditionally.

Hope these are the eggact choices you were looking for!