Rory Angold, Sports Enthusiast, Discusses the Ins and Outs of Heli-Skiing

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Heli-skiing is the ultimate powder skiing or snowboarding experience where helicopters are used to escape from crowded lift lines and access an incredible wilderness of deep powder. In this article, business consultant and heli-skiing enthusiast Rory Angold discusses how heli-skiing works, the skill level you need, and which heli-skiing trip is right for you. 

What is Heli-Skiing?

Heli-skiing uses helicopter transport to take skiers and snowboarders to remote mountain slopes with untouched snow away from the conditioned and well-traveled snow found at resorts. 

With a helicopter acting as your ski lift, heli-skiing provides access to incredible heights and slopes that would be very difficult or impossible to access normally. Off-piste backcountry skiing offers opportunities for serious enthusiasts to escape the resort crowds and enjoy the thrill of untouched powder and incomparable scenery.  

Weather conditions in the continental U.S. and many parts of Canada are suitable for helicopter flights most days of the year. Helicopters give access to snow conditions that resort-goers have to gamble on many times throughout the year.  

How Experienced Do I Need to Be?

You do not need to be an expert skier to give heli-skiing a try. If you are a strong skier and want to try out powder snow skiing, you can find options from several providers. Even novice powder skiers can find services that offer to coach in conjunction with heli-skiing adventures.  

Planning is the key to ensuring that you will be ready for the heli-skiing trip you have in mind. There are endless variations of slopes and powder available. With research and the right questions, you should be able to find the right trip for your skill level so that you can enjoy an experience unlike any other. Professional heli-skiing services use areas selected by expert guides to provide for skier safety across different skill levels.

Where Can I Go to Try Out Heli-Skiing?

Heli-skiing services are not as limited as ski resorts are concerning accessibility and sensitivity to weather conditions, but the experience is not cheap. Thorough research will help determine which heli-skiing service will provide the maximum thrill for your money. 

Many of the world’s top heli-skiing services operate in British Columbia, Colorado, and Wyoming. There are several great travel opportunities for adventurers in Switzerland as well. Alaska also has many services available, although weather conditions there can often limit helicopter flights.  

If you want to enjoy resort amenities while on your heli-skiing adventure, there are full-service resorts that offer heli-skiing during stays at their main resort facilities. 

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