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Sarah Panitzke is a well-know British most-want prisoner, UK’s most-wanted teenager Sarah Panitzke was detain in Spain while walking her dogs. In this book, we’ll look at Sarah Panitzke career as well as her personal life. Panitzke may be well-know on the internet for being arrest in Spain after a few years, and as a result, other people began searching the internet for who is Sarah Panitzke, who is Sarah Panitzke husband, what is Sarah Panitzke age, and what is Sarah Panitzke net worth, and we’re right here to provide you with all of the details about Sarah Panitzke.

Sarah Panitzke wiki/bio- parents, siblings, nationality, education

She was born in Fulford, York, England, United Kingdom, in 1974, and will be 47 years old in 2022. Panitzke was born into a wealthy family. Sarah Panitzke mother’s name is Paula Panitzke and her father’s name is Leo Panitzke. Panitzke father was a wealthy guy who was arrest in one instance and eventually released. 

After Sarah Panitzke finished her education, she met with some fraudsters and began her crime, which later led to the £1 billion mobile phone tax scam. For eight years, police looked for Sarah Panitzke. Sarah Panitzke was track down in January and was track down to the little hamlet of Santa Barbara, where she was place under observation until her arrest.

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Sarah Panitzke finished her schooling at St. Peter’s School in York, then went on to Manchester Metropolitan University, where she graduated and studied Spanish, and then went on to Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, where she earned her master’s degree in business administration.

How did she start her career?

Sarah Panitzke is a well-known British most wanted criminal. She was apprehend while walking her dogs in Spain. She was prosecute on the trial for her role in a money laundering case in which she laundered cash from a £1 billion mobile phone tax scheme. Sarah Panitzke then vanish in May 2013 and was sentence to eight years in prison in her absence.

Panitzke was a “key figure” in the £1 billion mobile phone tax fraud, laundering millions of dollars through offshore accounts. The National Crime Agency apprehended Sarah Panitzke when she was walking her dogs in Santa Barbara, Tarragona, Spain on Sunday, February 27, 2022. (NCA).

What did the Most Wanted Woman Do If She Was Arrested?

Sarah Panitzke, Britain’s “most want lady,” was just catch by Guardia Civil police in Spain. She is currently being keep in a prison near Madrid, according to online reports, in preparation for her possible extradition.

In 2016, she was find guilty of money laundering and was believe to be hiding in Spain. She was arrest while walking her dog in Santa Barbara’s hamlet and sent to prison after nearly a decade on the run. After laundering £1 billion in a mobile phone VAT fraud, she was add to the list of the most sought female fugitives. is suspect of being a senior member of a criminal gang that commits fraud. According to the Daily Mail, she is even want by HMRC for a conspiracy to acquire illicit property.

He has been want for money laundering breaches since 2013, when he was part of a 16-strong criminal group that bought mobile phones without VAT in other countries and resold them in the UK, making a profit of over £1 billion, or 1.2 billion euros, or $1.3 billion in US dollars. The other 15 gang members had previously been capture and imprison, thus Sarah was the last to be apprehend.

Is Sarah Panitzke married? Does she have a husband?

Sarah Panitzke is marry and has a spouse, according to reports. Authorities spotted her in 2015 while she was spending weekends in Olivella with her husband. She disguise herself and went, forsaking her family and eventually breaking all physical ties with them to avoid being detect.

Much information about Sarah Panitzke marriage is still unknown in the virtual world. There have been no reports of the fugitive’s personal or romantic life in any periodicals or websites. We only know that she is a university graduate (with a Bachelor’s degree) and the daughter of a developer when it comes to her personal life.

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