Sex Toys and Mental Health

mental health sex toys

Masturbation might have been considered taboo in the past, but today it’s considered a perfectly natural, fun, and beneficial form of self-expression. There’s no shame in finding the time for some self-love, no matter whether you’re a couple or you’re currently single. And of course, when we talk about masturbation, it’s difficult to imagine the process without the involvement of sex toys. From dildos to butt plugs, there’s so much that you can experiment with to discover new worlds of pleasure and heated moments.

But adult toys aren’t just designed to be used solo. They can help keep a relationship hot and spicy, they can offer new opportunities of getting to know your partner better, and experiment with new and exciting ideas in the bedroom. 

No matter whether we’re talking about sex toys for couples or sex toys for singles, the bottom line is that they offer a tone of advantages, which are not only physical but mental as well. The use of sex toys can make you feel better, take off the stress from a busy day, and even encourage mindfulness.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the core ways in which sex toys influence your mental health.

Mental Health Benefits of Masturbation

Mental health is fundamental for every single individual. It dictates how you feel on a daily basis, how you communicate with others, how well you perform at work, and more. At first, it may be difficult to spot all the ways in which sex toys can impact your mental health. But in reality, they do so in the following ways. 

Stress Relief

As you’re probably aware, the body and mind constantly accumulate stress. This can be a result of a dynamic lifestyle, but it can also happen to people who consider their routine rather calm and well-organized. 

Masturbation with the use of sex toys releases endorphins or hormones that play the role of eliminating pain in the body. Once they communicate with the brain’s opiate receptors, they reduce the level of pain that the body feels. This hormone-releasing process also takes place when you consume dark chocolate, which is why it’s considered one of the healthy sweets to have. It’s also something you can expect from a good workout. However, the good news is that you no longer have to worry about pushing yourself to the limits and exercising when you’re really not in the mood for it. Simply let your favourite sex toy do the trick for you. By taking away physical pain from the equation, sex toys help you feel stress-free and certainly elevate your mood.

Dopamine release

The truth is that endorphins are not the only hormones released when masturbating or using sex toys. During masturbation, the body also releases dopamine – the popular feel-good hormone. If you reach the peak of your masturbation and finish with an ecstatic orgasm, you’ll also get a good level of oxytocin release or the hormone that limits cortisol (a stress-inducing hormone). If cortisol accumulates in the body, on most occasions you’ll end up feeling anxious and stressed. 

This is one of the reasons why regular masturbation is highly recommended – you increase the feel-good hormones in the body and reduce the stress-causing ones. As a result, you’ll be in a much preferred mental state to tackle daily life and any challenge that comes along with it.


A lot of people today suffer from social anxiety, depression, and other conditions that are often associated with the lack of self-love. This is partially due to the fact that we often compare ourselves to others around us. Of course, there are a ton of other reasons why one may have low self-esteem and might feel out of place in different situations and surroundings. 

Masturbation and sex toys use can help you prevent these scenarios and experience pure and powerful self-love. This is because it’s associated with learning how to love your body and express yourself sexually. 

Enhanced sleep

Believe it or not, the use of sex toys can also boost your sleep and make you feel more rested. Studies have found that masturbation can reduce insomnia and can tackle restlessness. This is due to the release of oxytocin and endorphins, which we already looked at earlier. As a result of the increased levels of these hormones, the body feels calmer and can dive into a valuable and restoring sleeping session without mental disturbances, worries, and stress. 

In other words, if your daily routine is causing a nervous breakdown for you and you’re finding it difficult to fall asleep at night, take out your sex toys and indulge in some pleasure-seeking activities to solve the problem. 


Mindfulness is one of the most important factors in feeling good in your skin, having self-confidence and being aware of your inner self. It’s the act of being connected to your true emotions, your body, and your surroundings. In order to enjoy masturbation and be able to experience all that sex toys can offer, you need to be mindful of your desires, your body, and your mind. This will enable you to reach the culmination of your intimate experiences and enjoy the beautiful feeling of internal peace and complete satisfaction. 

Explore your body and desires without any feelings of guilt. Don’t be ashamed to experiment with different sex toys and remember that your body is your temple.

Sex Toys and the benefits

In a nutshell, sex toys can double, even triple the benefits of masturbation. They not only increase the pleasure you get at the end of it all but can also make you more aware of your sexual desires. Not only that but sex toys are also linked to much more powerful and guaranteed orgasms. They’ll get you to the end without you having to worry about much. Sex toys can help you open up and cancel out any shame or fear when it comes to intimate experiences. They can also be helpful in overcoming sexual dysfunction. 

In this golden age of liberation, you have every reason to try different sex toys and embrace different experiences in the bedroom, no matter if you’re solo or with a partner. Diversify your orgasms and experiences with sex toys for vaginal penetration, prostate stimulation, clitoral stimulation, and more. With a diverse and creative sex toy market, there are plenty of options to try!