Should You Hire A Virtual Fitness Trainer?

Fitness is a fast-expanding industry today. Most health-conscious people end up at the gym, going through strict workout sessions in order to stay in proper shape. However, there are a few who contemplate on hiring a visual or an online fitness trainer.

To start with, this process is really expensive and there is every possibility that you might back out. Money is a key factor in most cases. Moreover, all online fitness coaches are not that great. Should you opt for virtual fitness training? Let’s explore. 

How Do Online Trainers Work?

You can have a word with your virtual fitness coach via phone or Skype and discuss what fitness goals you have. You need to do this since your complete workout regimen will depend on what you convey. Whether you have short-term or long-term goals, your schedule will be set accordingly. After the initial procedure is carried out, you might need to hit the gym on your own and perform the workouts that they’ve charted out. Report back to them and let them know about your progress. That’s all.

Pros Of Training Under An Online Fitness Coach

There are several pros of collaborating with a virtual trainer. Training under such a coach is any day less expensive than training under a personal coach. Believe it or not, that’s true. A virtual coach will not drain your pockets.  While a personal trainer might charge around $720 to $900 a month, you might have to shell out only $200 every month for online help. The difference is huge. They are available at any time of the day and are ready to give instructions on how to go about the whole process. In short, they are ready to make themselves accessible to every single client. A personal coach is not. Virtual trainers are far more effective in keeping you on track and help you work towards your fitness goals. For self-starters, online coaches would give you the guidance and formulate a much more effective workout session for you. It’s not the same with in-person trainers. Online training is far from being rigid, and that’s certainly a great benefit.  Moreover, suppose you are staying in Chicago and you want to work with someone who is a resident of San Francisco, it’s always easier to connect online, isn’t it?

Cons Of Training Under An Virtual Fitness Coach

Training under a virtual trainer has its downsides, too. You are not getting in-person support and that sometimes makes a lot of difference. An online coach wouldn’t be present by your side to check whether your squat form is perfect or give you tips on how to do the rear delt fly. Not taking the help of a professional coach during your workout sessions might lead to severe injuries and subsequently, frustration. If you are thinking of working out, this is the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind. The second disadvantage is that there is no accountability if you are working with a virtual coach. In case you prefer interaction with your trainer in real-time, then this might not be your cup of tea. Also, the quality of the fitness coaches available online may vary. Hence, wrong advice might prove to be harmful in the long run. Every online coach that you are contemplating to work with must be certified through some famous institutions such as the International Sports Sciences Association, American Council on Exercise, and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Should You Go For Online Fitness Training?

Before choosing a virtual trainer, there are three major criteria that you need to fulfill. First, you can’t be a complete beginner, i.e. you need to have some basic knowledge about how to perform a squat or a superset.  Second, you must motivate yourself to hit the gym on a regular basis. A gap or two will not help. Whenever you are taking a day off, be particular about coming back religiously on the next day. Third, you have to carry out some extra research to realize what you need to do, when you need to do, and how you need to do.

If you meet these three criteria, start searching for an online coach and do some research on them. Go through their websites, check their accounts on social media, read all the reviews, and never forget to discuss before you give it a go.