Should You Include Pumpkin Seeds in Your Diet to Lose Weight?

Pumpkin seeds, as has been revealed by several studies, are laden with nutrients and are good to eat as well. There are a host of health benefits associated with pumpkin seeds as they can reduce the levels of blood sugar, cut down the risk of cancer, and boost heart healthThere are a lot of queries whether pumpkin seeds are effective for weight loss or not. Yes, pumpkin seeds are beneficial if you want to lose weight. Amidst all the artificial methods people use for weight loss, pumpkin seeds are a natural way to reduce the number down on the weighing scale. How? This article explains just that. Continue reading.

Beneficial for Weight Loss

Pumpkin seeds, as has been discussed before, are laden with nutrients such as protein, fiber, as well as unsaturated fatty acids are known to promote weight loss. A study on 345 adults who were on a low-calorie diet, revealed that the intake of fiber boosted weight loss. This was irrespective of the consumption of calories or in that case, any other nutrient.

Fiber promotes fullness as it prevents overeating. It cuts down the urge of eating between meals which is the main cause of weight gain. Adults should eat 13 to 38 grams of fiber every day to maintain their weight and stay in the pink of health. Aside from fiber, protein plays a key role in weight loss. It improves your appetite as well as helps you refrain from overeating.

Moderation is Important

Pumpkin seeds are nutritious. It’s a snack that contains high quantities of fiber. However, it’s always in your best interests if you consume them in moderate quantities. Pumpkin seeds, just like other seeds and nuts are energy-dense. This indicates that they contain calories and fat in substantial quantities. When you are adding pumpkin seeds in your diet, make sure that you have them in a quantity that’s appropriate for your weight loss objectives. If you want to cut down the quantity of added sodium and calories, opt for unsalted and raw pumpkin seeds. You can eat them either with their shell or without it. This way, you can adhere to a proper diet you have chosen for your weight loss.

How to Incorporate Pumpkin Seeds to Your Diet?

You can add pumpkin seeds to your diet in various ways. Consuming it is a raw form, sprinkling them on waffles or salads are some great options. You could also bake them on top of bread or muffins, or mix them into oatmeal or yogurt. Aside from these, there are few other ways you can have pumpkin seeds as a part of your daily food intake.

You can blend the seeds into your smoothies, place them on top of your delicious avocado toast, combine them with stir-fries or warm noodle dishes, or mix them with bread crumbs, nutritional yeast, as well as seasonings to make delectable Parmesan cheese.

Pumpkin seeds are known to contain phytic acid which can prevent the absorption of other minerals and vitamins. So, do keep that in mind. If you imbibe the habit of regularly consuming pumpkin seeds, you can either roast them or soak and sprout them down to cut down the level of phytic acid.

What’s the Bottomline?

Summing up everything that we discussed above, pumpkin seeds are full of nutrients that can promote weight loss and help you slowly reach your weight loss goals. Pumpkin seeds do contain a good quantity of fat as well as a substantial amount of calories when you take them in small quantities.

Hence, if you are on a diet where you need to have restraint on your calorie intake, take pumpkin seeds in moderate quantities to maintain your overall health. Opt for unsalted and raw pumpkin seeds if you want to cut down the quantity of added sodium and calories. You can consume them either with their shell or even without it. Both ways, it is equally beneficial. Additionally, you can add pumpkin seeds to various dishes or have them as a raw snack only.

A weight-loss diet can bring you the best results if you are into regular workouts. Exercising is mandatory if you want to stick to your objectives.