Should You Switch To Sonoma Diet To Lose Weight?

The Sonoma diet is a diet plan developed by Dr. Connie Guttersen as an effective way to shed some extra pounds. It’s a plan based on eating healthy foods while focusing on the satisfaction of eating, instead of keeping yourself restricted.It draws inspiration from the healthy food choices of the people in the Sonoma region, California, and the Mediterranean.Though it is mainly to help people to lose weight, it is also an evident way of keeping up your healthy lifestyle. Eminent nutritional and dietary expert Dr. Guttersen came up with the idea of introduced diet in her boo. The Sonoma Diet. The practice has gained popularity as a  weight-reduction plan for many.

The Sonoma Diet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Inspired by the Mediterranean food pyramid, the basic concept of the diet revolves around consuming a moderate portion of food and improving your food habits. While portion control is integral to the diet plan, the consumption of selective food items remains the key factor. Famous for its natural scenic beauty and vineyards, Sonoma County is a source of organic and artisanal food and beverage.

Drawing inspiration from the healthy lifestyle of the people of this region and fine wine, this diet plan encourages you to consume ten Power Foods. These ten low-calorie items are rich in nutritious values. It is full of flavors that are effective to keep the disease and sickness away. These items are – almond, broccoli, spinach, bell pepper, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, and whole grains.

The Different Stages of the Diet

The diet plan typically consists of three stages. The first phase is a restrictive one where you cut down your calorie consumption by giving up the sugary and fatty foods, for 10 days. You’ll experience a rapid weight loss during this period. The second phase is the stage where your habit of eating a limited portion of Power Foods begins. Even though you’ll still experience slow weight loss, the consumption of selective nutritious foods will benefit in the long run.

Along with the continuation of healthy eating habits, you can start consuming wine with the food items in the third phase. However, the wine should be organic and appreciate. In the last phase, you are also motivated to chalk out the recipes of your own, because by this phase you’ll start enjoying the nourishment. This phase could stay lifelong. You can kick-start your day with the whole-grain cereal and milk, while in case of lunch and dinner the power foods are the must-have items on your plate. You can also have a whole wheat pita cucumber and yogurt sauce for a snack. Besides that, you can also try Apple Blueberry Tart in the dessert. Yes, you can have dessert during the third phase of this diet.

How Does It Work?

The diet plan is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, where significant weight loss is evident. If you increase the intake of the foods periodically, high with flavor and nutritious values, the vital needs of the vitamin and mineral of your body will be fulfilled. What distinguishes this diet plan from others is its natural way of eating without depriving your stomach for long.

Benefits of the Sonoma Diet

The ten power products are the source of a great number of antioxidants. The antioxidant is a molecule that prevents oxidation in the body, and the antioxidants prevent the cell damages. One should consume the dietary supplements of the ten selective products such as a vitamin, mineral, herb amino acid, or enzymes to consume to improve the overall functions of the body.

Aside from the antioxidants and essential supplements, the decrease of consuming saturated fats from everyday meals significantly reduces the risks of heart-related diseases. With the reduction of saturated fats, and the healthy fats taking place, improve the cardiovascular function of the heart. Olive oil is the most popular choice in this case. As this dietary plan is rich with high fiber, it helps you improve the digestive system and blood pressure.

Set Reasonable Expectations

As the method aims to improve your overall well-being, the expectations must be set according to that.  Through the Sonoma Diet, you’ll realize the importance of being healthy, not being skinny. Sometimes the measured portion size of food might not be adequate for a person, so risk assessment is important before starting it.

The Sonoma Diet can’t offer you miraculous shedding of pounds. However, continuing the process will be greatly beneficial for you to grow a healthy habit of eating. Moderately limiting calorie intake, following a diet to reduce saturated fats and carbohydrates, and focusing on plant-based nutrients is a healthy way to embrace the diet plan.