Six Reasons Why You Need to Start Incorporating Barre Workouts into Your Daily Regime!

Barre fitness is enjoying its moment under the sun, thanks to its sculpting move that not only makes you look good aesthetically but also makes you feel healthy.

It’s a whole-body workout that is good for everyone, whether you are new in the fitness game or a veteran trying to do different things to improve your fitness.

Each class helps to build alignment, strengthen your core, and tones and defines your muscles. It helps you get the benefits of ballet without you having to pirouette. Yes, it’s the workout to do, if you want a lean dancer’s body.

All about a Barre Class

Most barre classes will begin with a warmup, then students will work their way with small weights with a barre rod. The teacher will show the way, emphasizing on each move. The teacher will correct the mistakes and help them achieve perfection. All classes will need you to include exercises at the barre where you’ll be on fours on a yoga mat.

The exercises are fun yet challenging and it is good to sweat it out with scores of other people who feel the burn with the challenging moves. You may not get results immediately, but after a few days, you may notice inch loss, more energy, and more defined muscles.  It’s a great workout for your lower body as it strengthens your core, your legs and your glutes.

It’s Great for Improving Your Posture

Most of us today have faulty postures thanks to spending our days bending on our laptops and mobile phones. Barre stops us from slouching. With regular practice, you may discover the steel in your spine.  After just a few days you may feel your body elongate and feel tall and sturdy.

A study ( in 2020) investigating postural angles on participants doing ballet barre exercises for 50 minutes twice per week for 12 weeks, went onto show incredible results. Barre in fact went on to improve the head, shoulder, and pelvic posture.

It is Great for Your Glutes

If you are worried about your peachy rear department and want to give it a good lift, then Barre is the perfect exercise to do. Working on your glutes not only adds to the aesthetic value but is one way to strengthen and stabilize the pelvis area. So, there is a great relief from the pain of the back, hips, and knees.

They are Perfect For Your Core

Because barre exercises are all about improving your balance and strength, your core forms the crux of the training.

As you engage your body in a correct alignment, barre classes will help you build a stronger core. This is particularly helpful for mothers who are struggling to get rid of belly fat post-delivery.

Makes You More Flexible

The stretch and strength of the Barre routine focus on the posture and makes you more flexible.  This means there are lesser chances of potential injuries and improve your physical performance.

You do not exactly have to be graceful, ala a prima ballerina at the barre. Regular barre-like moves can teach you to be flexible in no time.

It’s a Great Stress, Buster

Exercise is the ultimate stress-buster. Yes, people may consider yoga to be the perfect workout to reduce stress and HIIT exercises to be the ultimate fat-busting exercise form, barre comes somewhere in between.

Barre challenges your mind as you need to engage your mind and focus on the move. It’s also, much like a meditation, and if you miss those exaggerated small moves, you miss the point of the exercise routine. It is one of the best exercises to feel positive and calm.

Helps Improve Your Endurance Levels

Endurance is what you do today you do better tomorrow and more so the next day. Yes when you improve your endurance levels, your stamina increases manifold.

The American Heart Association says that in order to improve the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system you need to do more endurance activities such as barre.

When you regularly perform these exercises, you can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Now you know why Barre is one of the most popular workouts to make you look good and healthy in a short span of time. However, you need to stay consistent, eat right and sleep right to get the most of the benefits!