Six Tips For Faster Hair Growth

Long, lustrous locks certainly make it to the wish list of most women! But haven’t we all spent sleepless nights worrying about hair fall? Or how should we re-grow hair? Whether it’s adequate sleep or dietary changes, or add-on medications and treatments? Questions about our tresses haven’t stopped bothering us, regardless of our age. Even when we know that genetics plays a long role in ensuring hair health, let us not forget regular maintenance goes a long way. And reality said, there’s no ‘magic potion’ or solution that will display instantaneous results. At the most, you can follow some basic steps as under:

Discover The World Of Essential Oils

No, we don’t mean hair oils! Chances are more that despite hearing about essential oils, you might not have heard they work wonders in promoting hair growth. A certain study revealed that consuming capsules replete with 400 milligrams of pumpkin seed resulted in hair growth for men. The results came out after 24 weeks.

There was another similar study on four groups of mice, with every group getting a separate hair treatment consisting of jojoba oil, 3% minoxidil, 3% peppermint oil, and saline. Results showed that the group that got peppermint oil showed a considerable increase in follicle depth, number, dermal thickness, and overall hair count. Even rosemary oil is similarly effective like minoxidil, Rogaine’s active ingredient.

Consume Good Quality Proteins

The phenomenon called ‘restrictive dieting’ might have caught the fancy of many, but eventually, it does more harm than any good. The key to ensuring good hair growth is a properly balanced diet, which has enough proteins. For starters, keratin is the very protective protein that constitutes our hair. To have optimal hair growth, at least 50 grams of protein is a must.

Check Your Overall Nutrient Profile

The body needs a decent dose of fatty acids, minerals, and certain vitamins to build immunity. Also, these play a vital role in energizing the body to propel hair growth. For example, Vitamins D, E, C, zinc, iron, biotin, and omega 3 and 6 are highly important, especially the latter in protecting us from hair loss issues.

While there is not enough research evidence on biotin efficacy, there are findings that support the claim. For instance, a literature review showcased almost 18 cases wherein biotin supplementation produced marked clinic betterment in nail and hair health. There are multiple supplements that even you can consume. However, whether you purchase them online or in retail markets- ensure you get a check-up done or talk to your doctor first.

Go For Scalp Massages

From time immemorial, scalp massages help regulate blood circulation. By promoting relaxation, the technique automatically relieves stress and boosts hair health. A small study on nine men in 2016 showed how 4- 4-minute scalp massages have helped them gain thicker hair than they had. This was for 24 weeks. Hair growth wasn’t noticeable, but as stressed earlier- scalp massages essentially dilate the blood vessels present beneath the skin. Naturally, hair growth is stronger, and chances of breakage or damage come down. Try getting a DIY massage at home, or you can also resort to professional and expert help.

Choose PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment)

Using PRP therapy for patients suffering from extreme hair loss has borne real results. Even though we need more controlled studies, a certain study found that PRP is an effective solution to hair loss. Experts have also suggested how this is one of the breakthrough treatments where scalp injections inserted can awaken the otherwise dormant hair follicles, which produces more hair growth. Depending on the requirement, it’s best to opt for once a month, for three to six months.

Do Not Go For Hair Coloring

You might love those rich shades on your tresses, but hair dyes containing chemicals and severe heat processes can render your hair break. The texture not only suffers but also adds unnecessary stress to your hair. Even frequent heat via styling tools like dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can cause immense damage to your hair.

Begin with these steps right away and check if your hair is growing at a satisfactory pace. If not, do not hesitate to consult a hair specialist. A trichologist would help you understand the root of your hair problems and guide you with the tips, medication, and lifestyle changes that would help you have those enviable tresses.