South Korean singer Nayeon net worth, dating, crush, boyfriend

Im Na-yeon (Korean:임나연 ), known professionally as Nayeon, is a South Korean singer. She joined the South Korean girl group Twice, which is managed by JYP Entertainment, in 2015 after winning the reality survival television show Sixteen. Im Nayeon, her self-titled extended play (EP), was released in June 2022.  Is Nayeon and Jeongyeon in a relationship? Come down to learn more about Nayeon net worth, dating, crush, boyfriend, and other details:

Nayeon net worth, earnings, income, and all the way she makes her fortune

Her career as a wonderful vocalist, actress, and model for various firms and magazines has earned her international reputation and a large following. Her significant achievements in a wide range of work fields have earned her this enormous net worth. Nayeon is widely regarded as one of TWICE’s most popular members, not only in South Korea but also abroad. The lead vocalist, lead dancer, center, and face of the girl group is the “SCIENTIST” songstress.

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TWICE has a reported net worth of around $35 million as a nine-member group. This is not surprising given that TWICE, a JYP Entertainment female group, has issued 24 albums and many singles since their debut in 2015. Nayeon net worth is around $3 million. Nayeon was named the face of the skincare brand Biotherm in 2021. This is Nayeon’s first solo endorsement contract. She is also frequently sponsored by Louis Vuitton to publish promotional content to TWICE’s official Instagram account.

Nayeon has previously worked for various companies. Nayeon, along with Jungyeon and Tzuyu, was one of the faces of the LG U + LTE Video Portal from 2015 to 2016. She and Jeongyeon were Wii Dance models before their debut. She also modeled for Secret T (TN) alongside Jihyo. Nayeon has worked as a songwriter for multiple TWICE songs, which means she is compensated for her loyalty.

Who is Nayeon boyfriend? Is the K-Pop star dating?


Nayeon, like many other celebrities, keeps her personal life, particularly her relationship, private. When it comes to her personal life, the singer keeps a low profile. As a result, information about Nayeon boyfriend, as well as her engagement and relationship status, is now unavailable. She has had relationships with a number of well-known men. She’s had several breakups and hookups, but she still hasn’t found a long-term partner. Her breakups are typically the result of incompatibility or being cheated on. During her seven years in the industry, Nayeon had a tumultuous dating life. 

Nayeon was rumored dating Takeuchi Ryoma, a Japanese actor, as well as male K-pop idols. When TWICE advertised for their first Japanese album BDZ on a Japanese television program, their fans liked them. However, just like her claims about Jungkook and Minhyuk, their closeness was merely fan speculation.

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Nayeon and Jeongyeon relationship

In 2014, K-pop artist Nayeon was rumored to be dating   Jeongyeon. Yoo Jeong-yeon also known as Jeongyeon, is a South Korean singer. She is a member of Twice, a JYP Entertainment girl group from South Korea. The two idols first met when they were chosen to be members of the girl group Twice on the JYP Entertainment television show Sixteen in 2014. Nayeon was photographed on a public “date” with fellow member Jeongyeon, who later tweeted a photo of Nayeon from their outing with the hashtag #hotgirl. They rejected all of the rumors and revealed that they are merely best friends.