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Stephanie Lynn Nicks, better known by her stage name Stevie Nicks, is an American singer and songwriter best known for her work with the British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist. She is the granddaughter of a disgruntled country music performer. Her distinctive voice, mysterious stage persona, and poetic, symbolic lyrics have made her popular. Rolling Stone called Nicks one of the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time. 

She was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, once as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998 and again in 2019 as a solo artist. So what is Stevie Nicks net worth as of 2021? You will get all information about her as below.

What are our American singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks net worth?

Stevie Nicks has a net worth of $120 million and is an American singer/songwriter. She is best known for being a member of the supergroup Fleetwood Mac and for having a successful solo career. As of this writing, Stevie Nicks is the only woman in history to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice: first as a member of Fleetwood Mac and then as a solo artist.

Stevie wrote a number of songs that have since become pop classics. She has received the lion’s share of royalties for such works over the decades as a songwriter and composer. She sold an 80 percent stake in these copyrights to music publisher Primary Wave for $80 million in December 2020.

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Stevie Nicks Assets| House

American Singer paid $9 million for a gated house on 1.2 acres in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades neighborhood in 2005. In December 2017, she placed the house on the market for $14 million. She was unable to find a buyer for that amount. She did finally sell the house in an off-market transaction, but the exact date and price are unknown. Singerbought an ocean-view penthouse condo in nearby Santa Monica for $3 million in 2004.

Nicks designed a custom 8,000 square-foot mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona, in 1981, not far from her birthplace and childhood home. She shared the compound with her brother and his family for several years. In 2007, she sold the house for $3 million.

Her only regret is her short marriage

Nicks has only been married once, for three months, despite having many high-profile relationships in the 1970s and 1980s. Robin Snyder Anderson, her best friend, died of leukemia two days after giving birth to her son, Matthew, in 1983. Nicks and Anderson’s widower, Kim Anderson, married in a fit of mutual grief.

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Is she married after her short marriage to Robin Snyder Anderson? Who is she dating now? Does she have children?

NICKS is a rock legend who, with her band, Fleetwood Mac, creates amazing music – but does she have children?

Stevie and her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham formed Fleetwood Mac. They split up after things didn’t work out, but they managed to make music together for a long time after that. Stevie recently released a concert film about her most recent stage show, but is she married in her personal life?

Stevie is not currently married, although she was for a brief period of time before giving birth to a stepson.

She does not, however, have children of her own, despite the fact that her story is fascinating in this regard.

Stevie married Robin Anderson’s widower, Kim Anderson, in 1983. Stevie and Kim were both devastated by the death of her friend Robin, who died of leukemia.

What is her first song?

Nicks has always been a prolific songwriter, having begun her career when she was a teenager. She wrote the song “I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost” about a friend named Steve, with whom she later revealed she was madly in love.

“My parents gave me this guitar and I wrote this little song about him,” she told singer Lana Del Rey in a conversation for V magazine.

Even though the wisdom in Nicks’ song “Landslide,” which deals with the feelings of growing older, sounds quite mature, she was still quite young when she wrote it. She told Rolling Stone that she wrote it when she was only 27 years old.

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Short Bio About Singer Stephine Lynn Nicks

Stephanie Lynn Nicks (Stevie Nicks) was born on May 26, 1948, in Phoenix, Arizona. Barbara Nicks’ younger brother, Jess Nicks, is her cousin. Her mother was a housewife, and her father was the president of Greyhound’s Armour-dial.

In 1985, after her solo album did not achieve the commercial success she had hoped for, she developed an opioid addiction. She checked herself into a rehab facility in 1986 to get help for her opioid addiction. Stevie Nicks is now a globally recognized musician, songwriter, and influencer.

Best time with her Country Singer Grandfather A.J. Nicks

American Songwriter Nicks’ grandfather, A.J. Nicks, decided to take her on tour when she was just five years old. Her parents said no, but it was clear that they were just postponing the inevitable. According to Rolling Stone, A.J. Nicks sang country music and encouraged his granddaughter to sing harmonies by taking her records as a child and encouraging her to sing harmonies.

Where she spends her Childhood? She Moved Constantly as a kid

Nicks grew up in comfortable circumstances due to her father’s job as a business executive, but she was forced to move often. Because of her father’s job, she spent her childhood in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

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What is her education? From where she graduated?

Stevie Nicks attended Menlo-Atherton High School as a teen, where she began writing and singing songs. She was accepted to San Jose State University in northern California after graduating from high school. She dropped out of college a semester before graduation to fulfill her dream of being a singer.

Stevie Nicks Age, Height, and weight

Stevie Nicks is 73 years old, but she appears to be a 45-year-old stunning lady. She is a tall lady, standing at 1.55 meters and weighing about 175 pounds. She looks after her fitness and enjoys nutritious foods.

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Quick Facts about Stevie Nicks

Full Real Name Stephanie Lynn Nicks
Birthday May 26, 1948
Age (as of 2021) 73 years
Place of Birth Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Profession Songwriter, Actress, Singer, Film Producer
Net worth #120 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity German
Spouse/boyfriend Kim Anderson
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents Jess Nicks, Barbara Nicks
School/College San Jose State University
Height 1.55 meters
Weight 175 pounds