Susana Dosamantes net worth, husband, biographia, cause of death

Susana Dosamantes, also known as Mara del Perpetuo Socorro Guadalupe, was born in Mexico City. Susana Rul Riestra was a Mexican film and television actress. She was named TVyNovelas”Best Antagonist Actress” in 1990 for her role in the telenovela “Morir para vivir.” She died on Saturday, July 2, 2022, at the age of 74. She is the mother of Paulina Rubio, a Mexican music superstar. Come down to learn more about Susana Dosamantes net worth, husband, biographia, cause of death, and other details:

Susana Dosamantes net worth; How much did she earn from his entire career?

The net worth of Susana Dosamantes at the time of her death may surprise you. As one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses, she has captivated fans for nearly four decades. She was known for her talent as well as her natural beauty. She devoted her entire life to television and film. Susana Dosamantes net worth was $40 million.

The Mexican actress not only appeared in over 30 films, but she also appeared in at least 23 soap operas. Her debut drama was ‘Italian Girl Comes to Marry’ in 1971, and her last production was ‘Si nos dejan’ in 2021. She embarked on more than twenty titles of various hues, of all budgets, including The Argentine Nation.

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Her legacy is great, and she will be remembered for many things. Although her first interest was cinema, she fell in love with the theater; nonetheless, like other actresses of her generation, she discovered a commercial niche with greater public popularity in soap operas. She earned the TVyNovelas award for Best Antagonistic Actress in 1990 for ‘Morir para vivir’ due to her talent as an antagonistic actress. In reality, it was her hard work, devotion, and enthusiasm that propelled her to this position. She is idolized by many young girls who aspire to be actresses and singers and make a name for themselves in the profession.

Career and struggle of actress Dosamantes 


Susana began her career in 1968, with roles in the films Remolino de Pasiones, directed by Alejandro Galindo, and Los Recuerdos del Porvenir, directed by Arturo Ripstein, for which she received the Silver Goddess Award from the Mexican Film Journalists Association. Blood Brothers (1972), Blacker than Night (1975), and Contract Killer (1984) are among her most well-known films.

Throughout her more than five decades of artistic work, the actress has made a name for herself on television, appearing in several soap operas such as Italian Girl Comes to Get Married, Wild Heart, and Marina. In 1990, she earned the prize for Best Antagonistic Actress for her work in Dying to Live at Premios TVyNovelas, a Televisa gala honoring her company’s creations. Her most recent appearance was in the soap series Si Nos Dejan last year, when she shared credits alongside Mayrn Villanueva and Marcus Ornellas.

Who is Susana Dosamantes husband? Was she married at the time of her death? 

Susana had been married three times throughout her life, yet she died unmarried. Her first marriage was to Enrique Rubio González. Enrique was a Spanish-born lawyer. In 1970, they married. Their marriage lasted until 1974, when he divorced because he did not approve of his wife’s career as an actress. This union gave birth to Paulina and Enrique.

He married for the second time in 1978. She is currently dating businessman Carlos Vasallo, whom she met in Spain while working on a film with José Luis Gómez Vázquez. File films were popular in Mexico at the time, but Dosamantes refused to appear in any of them, so he fled for Europe with his children.

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How did Enrique Rubio, Susana Dosamantes’ ex-husband, die?


Enrique Rubio has been hospitalized since January 3, 2021, after spending Christmas with a portion of his family in Miami, Florida, in the United States. He was initially admitted to Clinic Eight of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), where his daughter Paulina visited him, and later transferred to the General Regional Hospital of Zone 1 of the same IMSS.

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His death was caused by a brain infarction and cardiac arrest. He was laid to rest at the French Pantheon.He was already nine years old with kidney failure

Her second marriage with Carlos Vasallo

She married Carlos Luis Vasallo Tomé after her divorce from Enrique. Carlos is a businessman and audiovisual producer from Spain who lives in Miami. Carlos Vasallo is the president and CEO of América CV Network, América TeVe, TeVeo, and Radio Caracol 1260 am, as well as the founder of VasalloVision. He is also the largest owner of Mexican films, and he sued Google and YouTube in 2021 for showing his films without permission.

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His second wife was Susana Dosamantes. Tere Velázquez, another Mexican actress, was his first wife. There is noinforation  when they married but she divorced in 1988. Her last marriage was to Luis Rivas.

Who is Susana Dosamantes daughter Paulina Rubio? How much is Paulina Rubio’s fortune and net worth?


Susana Dosamantes daughter Paulina Rubio, is a Mexican singer. She rose to prominence as a member of the popular musical trio Timbiriche from 1982 to 1991. She launched a solo career after leaving Timbiriche. Known as “The Golden Girl” and “Queen of Latin Pop.” Rubio is one of the best-selling Latin music singers of all time, having sold over 15 million records.

She was born in Mexico City on June 17, 1971. Her father was a Spanish-born lawyer named Enrique Rubio González (1943-2011), and her mother was a revered Mexican actress named Susana Dosamantes. Dosamantes had resided in Guadalajara, Jalisco, until adolescence, when she decided to become a film actress, and she became one of Mexico’s most recognized sex symbols in the 1970s, right before Rubio’s birth. Enrique Rubio Jr., Rubio’s younger brother, is a prominent lawyer and socialite, while Ana Paola Rubio, her half sister, has remained out of the spotlight.

Rubio also holds hundreds of music industry prizes, including seven Billboard Latin Music Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards Latin America, two Kids Choice Awards Argentina, two Kids Choice Awards Mexico, two Song Festival awards from Via Del Mar, three Premios Juventud, and six Premios Lo Nuestro. However, the Latin American pop singer has yet to win a Latin Grammy Award, despite being nominated for seven Grammy Awards and two Latin Grammy Awards. Paulina Rubio net worth is $35 million.

Susana Dosamantes cause of death: how did she die?

Mexican legendary actress and Paulina Rubio’s mom Susana Dosamantes died on Saturday, July 2, 2022, at the age of 74. In April she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and hospitalized at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in the city of Miami. Susana Dosamantes cause of death is Pancreatic cancer. 

(Pancreatic cancer is cancer that develops in pancreatic cells. Pancreatic cancer starts in the tissues of your pancreas, which is an organ in your abdomen located behind the bottom section of your stomach. Your pancreas secretes digestive enzymes and hormones that help you maintain your blood sugar.)

Fans rushed to Twitter and Facebook after learning of Susana’s passing to express their condolences. Susana Dosamantes Tributes: Along with his Hollywood co-stars