Susana Gomez presently dating with her boyfriend Maluma

Susana Gomez is a Colombian interior designer who operates her own firm. She is well recognize for being the girlfriend of Maluma, a well-known Colombian artist. Maluma recently hint at being a potential parent, which has gotten the couple a lot of attention. Maluma new girlfriend is Susana Gómez, a Colombian singer, musician, and entertainer. Gomez owns the interior design firm Ese+Ese, which translates to “that plus that.” Continue reading to learn more about Susana Gomez’s husband and other details…

Is Susana Gomez dating Maluma in 2022? Who is he and his past?

Maluma has revealed publicly that he is dating Susana Gomez as of 2022 via his Instagram account. The artist is see passionately kissing a lady beneath the Christmas tree in a foggy photo. The couple’s romance is obvious, even though the photo is a touch hazy. Despite the fact that it is uncertain whether the woman in the photograph is Susana, some of her followers believe she is. Gomez has even met Maluma family members, and it’s evident that they enjoy her as well. She has also been a part of family activities in the past, and we hope that it will soon become a larger family event. Yes, I’m referring to wedding chimes. They’ve started the new year together, and they have a beautiful new life ahead of them.

Maluma was previously married to model Natalia Barulich before meeting his now-girlfriend Gómez. Maluma has been dating Gomez for a few months now. The couple has been see kissing and walking hand-in-hand in New York City and Los Angeles since August 2020. Maluma was spot in Beverly Hills with Susana in October, the same week as the Latin Billboard Awards. For the time being, they appear to be madly in love with each other, but the future cannot be predicte.

Multiple times they’ve been seen together

Although they have not announce their romance, they were capture locking lips and holding hands during their outings in Los Angeles and New York in August 2020, which unofficially verified their relationship. The duo was also spot together at Maluma album release party, Papi Juancho, amid the singer’s friends and family.

Maluma and Gomez were spot roaming around the streets of Miami and shopping in stores together in April 2021, with the singer’s dog by their side.

As previously said, despite all of the speculation, neither the artist nor his rumored girlfriend have commented on their relationship. It appears that the public will have to wait longer for official confirmation.

How much is the net worth of Susana Gomez? Is she a millionaire?

As a competent architect, designer, and businesswoman, she commands a great deal of respect and a sizable sum of money. Her net worth is estimate to be between 250,000 ($250k) and 500,000 ($500k) US dollars, according to reports. She has made a sizable profit since starting her own firm. She has worked quite hard to achieve what she has today in her life.

Susana Gómez is the name of a number of Instagram accounts. However, finding the genuine one is difficult. Maluma, her sweetheart, has a total net worth of $12 million. Susana’s total assets are boost by the profits from her interior design job, but the exact amount isn’t disclose.

Susana Gomez Wiki/bio- parents, nationality, ethnicity and education

She is of white Colombian descent and has not revealed any information about her parents or siblings. Susana was born in the Colombian city of Medellin. His birth year is unknown, but according to certain accounts, he was born between 1994 and 1997.

There is no additional information about her education available. Her education was complete at a private school in her hometown, according to sources. She is an architect with a bachelor’s degree.

How did Susana Gomez start her career?

The answer is no if Maluma newest love is also a supermodel. She appeared to have no professional ties to the entertainment industry.

Susana is an architect who runs the interior design firm Ese+Ese, which means “that plus that.” Ahora Mismo’s interior design firm is based (of course) in Medelln, and her aesthetic there includes a lot of bright colors, natural textiles, and blonde wood finishes, according to Ahora Mismo.

Meanwhile, here’s a suggestion on an architecture graduate’s pay as an architect working in Medelln, Colombia: according to, an architect working there earned an average of $ 42.502.006 per hour, or an equal hourly rate of $ 20.434.