The 3-Hour Diet: Does Eating Frequently Really Make You Lose Weight?

woman-about-to-eat-ice-creamLosing weight is never easy. It doesn’t happen overnight like those people you see on TV. You need to hard work and discipline to accomplish this feat. No scratch that. You don’t just need hard work; you need to work extremely work hard for it. No hot gal or guy has achieved their 6 or 8-pack by the next day, they worked hard for months or even years to get those coveted babies.

However, losing weight cannot be done through workout alone. You also need to be very mindful of what you put in your body. You may not know it but the simple act of cutting back or embracing new eating habits will help a lot. Unconsciously, you get to lose those extra pounds you’ve wanted to lose for what seemed like eternity.

3-Hour Diet: What It’s All About

One such diet program that promises to help you achieve your dream body is the 3-hour diet. Although a bit unorthodox, some people swear by this diet method to be effective. It’s also an enjoyable way to lose weight for some. And this is because it involves the one thing we all love – FOOD.

Fitness expert Jorge Cruise, the creator of the 3-hour diet plan, encourages you to eat 5 times a day accompanied by a little amount of dessert. Yes, you read that right, 5 TIMES A DAY. This is to increase your body’s metabolism which in turn will lead to burning unnecessary fat.

food-lunch-meal-dinnerThe perks of this diet plan is that, you can eat everything you wish to. You can even eat your favorite sweet, of course, provided that you still follow the daily requirement of only 1,450 calories per day. You really need to stick to this required intake for this diet program to work for you.

Another reason behind this concept is that if we don’t eat enough, the body resorts to a “starvation protection” state. This means conserving calories for future energy use. This is never healthy due to the fact that you also increase the amount of fat stored and the amount of muscle burned. If there’s one thing in common almost all diet programs tell you, is you shouldn’t starve yourself.

It is also noticed that if there’s an intake of food every three hours, there will be a constant metabolic rate and most of the time, it will be faster than usual. Now that’s one eat to fit program everybody should use. To give you a bigger picture, here is a detailed way on how to perfectly implement the 3-hour diet.

3-Hour Diet: How It Works

The 3-hour diet starts with you eating your breakfast just one hour after getting out of bed. This is to ensure fullness faster and for your metabolism to jumpstart to optimal levels. However, you should always remember to rinse your mouth first and drink two cups of water to help your body receive and metabolize food much better. And really, would you want to eat food with a foul taste in your mouth? We’re sure you don’t. So brush your mouth or at the very least, rinse with a mouthwash before eating.

After three hours since your first meal, eat again. This is to keep fueling your metabolic system. You can eat foods you normally consume. If not that hungry, snack on fruits or a salad instead. By doing this, you won’t need to conserve calories since the body has been registered to burn and burn food.

woman-holds-sliced-pizza-seats-by-table-with-glassAnother thing to consider is that, three hours before you take your slumber, DO NOT EAT ANYTHING. Sleep slows down the body’s metabolic rate so if you ate right before you slept, your food won’t be converted to glucose right away. Instead what’s going to happen is that, the food will be easily converted to fat. You wouldn’t want that do you?

Despite eating anything through this program, you are still expected to stick to the regular requirement that is 1,450 kcal per day. This is the required amount of food you should consume on a daily basis. So for this diet, calorie counting would definitely be necessary. If you don’t mind taking into account the value of calories you consume each time you eat, then this program might just work for you.

Now it’s time to eat your way up to fitness. It’s quite ironic really, you get those unwanted fats moving and leaving you for good, by doing something we all love, which is moving your mouth through eating.