The Combination of Yoga and Barre Can Offer Myriad Benefits! Five Reasons to Try it!

Yoga and barre are two of the most popular workouts out there and they can offer myriad benefits. Imagine the benefits of combining the two powerful workouts. No wonder there are countless yoga and barre studios mushrooming all across the country.  Most of these studios combine the benefits of cardio, strength, and flexibility catering to the specific needs of the clients.

However, is the combination of yoga and barre a fad or is there some merit to this hybrid workout? Since yoga is an ancient workout and can be traced back to almost 5,000 years back, barre in comparison is comparatively new. Yoga Barre combines the elements of yoga, Pilates, dance, and functional fitness and turns it into a low-impact workout and it combines the best of both worlds. If you are still not sold on the benefits of the combination of yoga and barre, here are some of the health benefits of this workout that you should know about.

 Promises Better Flexibility

Yoga is great for increasing your flexibility. Even if you are new to yoga you will surely warm up to the benefits of yoga. As it stretches out your muscles and improves your flexibility. With better flexibility, you can improve your posture and improve your performance when you are running or trying out other athletic activities, and can help reduce the chances of injuries. Barre also improves flexibility. The isometric micro-movements in barre help strengthen muscles and also makes people more flexible, making it a complete full-body workout.

Helps Strengthens Muscles

You can build muscles only with dumbbells, right? Not really you can use just your body weight and build long, lean muscle, with yoga barre. Barre defines your muscles and adds more muscle tone without making you look too bulky. If you really want to gain muscles without getting too bulky then perhaps a yoga barre is the perfect choice for you.  Not that weight training can make you look overly bulky, but then if you are not too fond of the gym and the racks of dumbbells in the gym, this could come in useful.

Yoga is one of the best workouts out there to strengthen your muscles. Imagine using a dumbbell of 10-kg or more, but when you use your own bodyweight that can clearly turn out to be the best ‘weight’ you will ever lift, right? So, if you are 60 kgs, you will be lifting 60 kgs? Also, you can also stretch your muscles while at it. Yoga includes many isometric exercises, where you work on the muscles by staying at one position without moving a muscle. This way you impact a number of muscle groups all at once and build muscles. Yoga helps you explore your strength in more ways than, in fact, it can turn out to be a complete workout, changing your body and mind.

 Is Beneficial for Your Cardiovascular Health and Improving Your Aerobic Performance

Barre is one of the most intense workouts you could ever see as it combines both light movements, high repetition weight, and includes cardiovascular training, and helps you include it all in a single session. After a workout session, you’ll end up breathing hard by the end of it. Cardio workout of barre helps improve your cardiovascular system and helps burn calories simultaneously too.

And although yoga may not really work on your cardiovascular system, it can improve your aerobic performance. Yoga in fact is all about improving your breath control and helps you understand your own body. As you start practicing yoga, you gradually improve your mind-body connection and help increase your level of cardiovascular fitness.

Try Yoga And Barre Today

Yoga and barre can include different variations such as vinyasa flow yoga, gentle yoga, Barre Intensity, and PiYo classes. If you really want to challenge your mind and body connection and build your muscles without lifting a single dumbbell, well then this is the workout for you. Although it looks harmless and non-intensive, it can really challenge you, in ways that you never thought possible.

Find a class near you and give your body a fresh new challenge, not only your body but also your mind will love the impact of this gentle yet challenging workout. If you have tried this form of workout, let us know how it helped change your mind and body.