The Diet That Lets You Be: Introducing the Flexitarian Diet for the Health Conscious!

We don’t know about you, but eating healthy is hard! We mean it takes every ounce of willpower to say no to that super tempting sumptuous piece of brownie or that juicy burger. So, every day is a constant battle, saying no to the tempting foods and yes to the greens you so love to hate! Isn’t life all about balance?

We should eat well, granted, but we can give into temptations sometimes without feeling guilty about it. Strict diets aren’t sustainable at all. We have tried it and failed miserably at it. So, let’s try and be a little more flexible! Therein comes the flexitarian diet. From the name alone, we can assume that it is a flexible way of eating, but what exactly is it?

The Flexitarian Diet

A flexitarian diet is a diet where you eat plant-based foods most of the time, but you can sometimes eat meat and animal products. It isn’t pro veganism, but yes, it veers towards more plant-based meals. Also, you can be as flexitarian as you want. Eat plant-based most of the time, and eat meat only occasionally. Some people may eat meat three times a week or more. So, it depends on you.

The point of focus is not to eat less meat but to eat more plant-based foods. This kind of diet is especially fit for those who generally want to be more healthy and get fitter. If you are sold on the idea of eating more plant-based foods, then awesome! Learn more about why it can be the right diet for you.

Saves Money

Who won’t want to save a little on groceries, so when you eat a lot of junk food and meat, you also end up spending a lot of your hard-earned money on foods that do not love you back or boost your health. When you eat more rice and beans, you do your health a lot of favor and also avoid making a hole in your pocket. You can try and find foods that do not break the bank.

Prioritize Health

Well, we all want to go the extra mile for our health, don’t we? The only glitch, where do we start? Well, here the flexitarian diet can help you. Eat more fruits and veggies in just one meal can have loads of positive effects. If you feel overwhelmed, start small, then gradually increase the number of fruits and veggies you eat.

A plant-based diet is trending and for all the right reasons. It boosts heart health helps get glossy skin and thick hair, is good for your immunity, and is great for your immunity too, and before we forget, it helps lose the extra weight. If you are worried about missing essential nutrients with a plant-based diet, well, here is where the flexitarian diet comes in.

Help the Environment

Our Earth is our home, and we need to do our best to take care of it in every way possible. One way of taking care of our environment is by eating less meat. About eighty percent of people living in the United States of America grow food to feed livestock. We use a lot of water to support our meat-eating ways, and animal waste increases greenhouse gas emissions.

Meat, Eggs, and Milk!

Eating more plants is great, but giving up your favorite foods is probably not okay for you, and that’s okay too! You don’t have to eliminate, reduce consumption. Most flexitarians pile their plates with kale and spinach and also enjoy an occasional indulgence in the form of an ice-cream or meat.

A Diet for Everyone!

The best part of a flexitarian diet is that it is easy to follow. This means while you are dieting, your spouse, parents, and children can hop onto the bandwagon too! This way, everyone is happy, and you are happy too as you watch your meat-loving hubby eat more veggies!

These are just a few ways in which you could convince yourself to try the flexitarian diet. However, make sure you check with your dietician and doctor to know if this diet is ideal for your body type. That way, you would be practicing a diet that works for your body rather than sweating it out in vain!