These Dry Fruits Could Actually Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss can be a tough journey, especially if you have decided to make a sudden move without prior knowledge. But you don’t have to necessarily invest in gym workouts or extensive fitness regimens. Think of nuts. To be honest, there can’t be enough nuts in your diet. Often called the superfoods, nuts are replete with the most essential nutrients that will combat health-related concerns and offer nourishment. Besides, these are your go-to foods when you need something to munch on – be it travel, home, or at work. For an aspiring weight-watcher, nuts are true-life saviors! Studies have also established that eating nuts prevent people from adding extra kilos. Thereby, decreasing the chances of obesity. Check out these nuts that you must consume to shape up your waistline.


The ‘welcome addition’ in your diet – almonds – in the long run, can help you lose weight faster by boosting up your metabolic rates. Additionally, you can cut down on toxic lipids or ward off LDL cholesterol. For your stubborn belly fat, almonds are truly wonderful investments. As per experts, consuming almonds every day can spark up your brain activities.


The perfect weight-loss snack, these dried grapes or ‘raisins’ contain powerful chemicals that help you stay filled for a longer duration. The reaction caused helps you slow down the breathing rate too. As add ons, raisins also have very strong neurotransmitters like GABA to stabilize your overall appetite, reduce stress levels and also slow down digestion in the process.


The green nuts can be quite costly and nutrients are replete in the same. Pistachios are laden with adequate doses of minerals and vitamins to help control your blood sugar levels. To top it all, antioxidants are present in large numbers to ward off or fight against extra fat tissue cells and boost your metabolism by several notches. Hence, your weight loss journey will be a smooth one with this.


Compared to most other nuts, dates are high in calorie content. But the good news is that ample amounts of fiber can be found inside. No wonder, the digestion process is far easier and fat removal from the body is regulated well. The satiation index is high and you can snack on it more often, which will eventually help you lose your fat cells faster.


Much like almonds, walnuts are loaded with few fatty acids and unsaturated fats that the body is always in dire need of. These nuts have essential nutrients like ALA, a vital enzyme that reduces low cholesterol levels and stimulates the digestive system. Also, the fat movement is regulated in the body which will thus help you lose fat faster and more efficiently.

Is Eating Nuts Regularly Recommended For Weight Loss?

The answer is yes! Nuts are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that bring about a world of health benefits. So whether it’s weight loss or even diabetes and heart diseases, nuts can be the best investments to prevent fattening. In fact, contrary to most commonly held beliefs, few observational studies have also pinpointed the fact that eating nuts regularly can prevent weight gain. One study even looked at the diets of several men and women for a period of 28 months.

It was found that anyone who ate a couple or more portions of nuts every week had no less than 31% reduced risk of weight gain. This was in comparison to those who never ate regularly. A review of 36 studies also showed that by consuming nuts, there was no noticeable difference in weight, waist size, or Body Mass Index (BMI). Coupled with these are lifestyle choices, food habits, sedentary patterns of working, and also sleeping patterns.

In one of the studies, about 65 overweight individuals had compared a very low-carb diet that could be supplemented using almonds to a low-calorie diet that was supplemented with complex carbs. At the end of the study period, the almond diet recipients had about 62% more reduction in weight and BMI, 56% reduction in fat mass, and also 50% more reduction in the overall waist circumference.

Now you know why eating nuts will actually prove more than helpful for you. However. do not change your dietary habits without consulting a nutritionist as that might do you more harm than good.