11 Things To Keep In Mind Before Hitting Up The Nail Salon

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Simply put, the nail salon is a place of worship. The clouds of sanded-off acrylic dust and the overwhelming smell of acetone wash over us and erases the stress of the day.

But even though it’s practically the best place on earth, if you don’t know what you’re doing, getting your talons tailored could go wrong really fast.

Never fear, I’m here to keep your finger shells fancy and fresh.

1. If you’re always online, long nails may require some typing training.

But speed and accuracy are not the only problems. The constant clanking sound of your fingers crushing down on the keyboard can really irritate your coworkers, so if you don’t want to be the office outcast, choose a reasonable length.

2. Basic personal hygiene still applies at the salon.
If you don’t want the technicians talking smack, I’d avoid asking them to shave your legs. They’re already dealing with your stinky feet, so they definitely have their hands full.

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3. Brace your bank account for severe impact because things are about to get pricey. 

Listen, going to a clean nail salon is important. Infections and rashes aren’t worth the few extra bucks you may save. Sometimes, you get more than you pay for in the form of athlete’s foot.

4. Not every nail tech is up to the task, so choose wisely. 
Your friends will usually know the best places to go. It’s all about trial and error, so hopefully, your errors aren’t too severe.

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5. Always listen to your heart when it’s calling for you.
If you know what you want, stick to your guns. Nothing good can come of being wishy-washy. Don’t point fingers. Those nails are attached to your body, so you call the shots.

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6. Prepare to look thirsty, because you’ll want to show them off constantly. 

Your Instagram is going to be filled with pics of you biting your finger or resting your head on your hand. It’s just a basic fact of getting your nails did.

7. A woman’s salon is her territory. There are boundaries.
There is always an alpha and a beta, so know your place and stay in your lane. This is also why you should date within your salon circle.

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8. Come in with a color in mind, or perish in the polish-picking process.

You don’t have to know what specific shade you want, but at least have a general idea. Options are never easy, especially when it comes to choosing between 35 shades of pink.

9. What happens at the salon stays at the salon.
Do not, and I repeat, do NOT spill the tea outside of the salon. You can expect to encounter some hot gossip while getting glammed up, but this place is sacred, and secrets are to be kept at all costs.

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10. You can trust a good nail tech with the important decisions. 
This is why you need to treat a good nail tech like a queen. Much like men, a good one is hard to find, so show them some love.

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11. Sometimes you need to get creative when choosing the right color. 
Sometimes it’s okay to wing it, but most of the time, you want to get your moneys worth. The best strategy is learning to take advantage of the tools you already have.

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Who knew emojis could be so practical?
I know this seems like a lot of work, but making an effort is never a bad idea. Plus, you’ll get it right the first time.

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Picture-perfect after the ultimate color test. 
Everyone’s skin tones vary, so this is a great idea for anyone who needs a little confirmation before their polish sets under that dreaded UV light.

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All in all, nicely kept nails are the perfect addition to any outfit. 

So whether you like ’em long or short, bright or sheer, sparkly or matte, keep those claws fresh and fierce.