Tips To Get A New Job


Are you looking for a new job? Have you been laid off your old job and looking to get a new job? Well, here are some useful tips from NES Fircroft to help you get the job of your dreams.

• Make a list of things that you enjoy doing and what you excel at. Write down your various interests and talents to see what you might be interested in doing. List down everything including things you think might not earn you any money.

• Think of what other people tell you about yourself. If your friends always mention that you are great at identifying birds, you can always put it on the list. Make a list of the talents and skills these activities need. For instance, identifying birds requires great observation skills and attention detail.

• List of training and experience. List down your volunteering efforts and any unusual classes you have attended. If you have any information of any kind on different types of information you should also list it down.

• Next, you need to think about jobs. After looking at your talents, you need to think about the various occupations that require your talents. 

• Take a look on the internet to see what’s available. You should use search terms such as career skills, job skills and skills assessment among many others. 

• Narrow the list on a few possible careers, about 3-4 if possible. Change the list as often as possible until you feel confident enough that you would prosper in those fields. Narrow down your choices to one career and give it all your focus.

• Learn everything that you can about your new career. You can use the internet or the local library to get the information you need.

• Check with the employment office in the local government to learn about your new career possibilities. Find out if there are any training programs available.

• Interview people in your possible career field. You should be able to learn about the career, especially about the most important skills.

• If there is a union for your chosen career path, you should talk about the local office.

• Don’t leave your old job until you are completely sure of the new prospects. You are more likely going to get a new job if you are already employed. You can take a lower-level job in the new field so you can learn what you need to do to advance. 

Do you need more training? Check vocational schools and colleges in your area. Learn about the various training options and job placements available. Find out what classes you can take while you are still employed. You can take night and weekend programs for the best results.

• If there are no classes or training in the area, you should contact the HR departments with any potential employers and find out about the training options available.

• You can also join a union or professional organization. There is always an organization available for any career. You should do a simple internet search to find the best local or national groups near you.

• When you have the training and skills you need, you should polish your resume and get back on track with your job search.