Tips for Hosting a Great Party

It goes without saying that parties are a huge part of human culture. They are often held as a way to bring people together during a celebration, whether it is a graduation party, a wild night out, or everything in between. However, throwing a good one can be overwhelming to many, especially when it comes to preparation. Not to fret though, as, in this post, we are going to provide the basic tips you need to throw an awesome party!

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

Having a theme for your party is an easy way to lend unique energy. It can also draw attention from the press if you are looking to be covered on their ‘’What’s On?’’ page. Ask the attendants to dress according to the theme and ensure both the venue and entertainment matches it as well.

Provide a Unique Experience

When planning to host an event, your primary goal is for everyone to enjoy and remember it for years to come. In addition, you want the guests to tell their friends and be excited for the next one. If possible, begin by finding a unique venue, be it a yacht, old art deco cinema, or even a penthouse. If it is an online event, consider a virtual venue where the guests become avatars, instead of the common video conferencing everyone is used to. Your event should allow the attendees to immerse themselves fully in the experience – to do this use great decorations from PremierGlow such as chemical glow in the dark products for parties and more

Ensure it is Accessible

Events turn out great when guests are able to enjoy themselves. As such, it is imperative to consider accessibility when picking the venue. This does not just mean ensuring individuals with wheelchairs can navigate the place easily, but also ideal public transport links, breakout spaces for those with anxiety, and gender-neutral toilets. 

Accessibility is not just an in-person concern. Even when you arrange for an online party, you need to create a virtual safe space. If possible, create closed captions, allow people to switch off their microphone and webcam if they choose to, and pick a software that is easy to access and use. 

Appeal to the Crowd

Your party does not have to cater to everyone’s tastes and needs. However, you should have a target crowd in mind and know what is in it for them. So, if you are hosting a James Bond-style casino night, attendees will have the opportunity to dress up and flash some money at the roulette table. When creating the event description, consider why people should attend and what they will be doing. When choosing places to advertise, ensure you tap into these ideas and questions. 

Source Great Entertainment

Be it dancers, a magic show, or a live band, entertainment is what most people will remember once the event is done. Entertainment ideas are unlimited, but it is advisable to pick something that matches your theme, whether it is carnival performers or cabaret singers. When going through the party planning checklist, consider how the event will flow. For instance, plan to have a DJ who will play music between sets to avoid silence during the party. 

The energy of each act is another important thing to consider. Your guests will most likely be exhilarated at the peak time and will not have time to pay attention to non-music acts. Peak time is when they want to hit the dance flow and of course, remember that the last hour is best suited for more relaxed music. 

Start by Making the Party Interactive

The first hour or so can be a bit awkward as people settle in. As such, you’ll want to introduce quick-fire check-in rounds or ice-breaker games and props from Premierglow. However, you do not want to force anyone to participate as it can easily make them uncomfortable. Also, it is a good idea to source some song requests as attendees sign up for the party. This way you can start the event with popular songs that are bound to get your guests on the dance floor. 

Hire a Robust Team

Even if you are the host, you cannot expect to do everything on your own. Hiring a strong team will help keep things orderly and organized. If it is an online party, get a moderator to handle the tech issues and comments while you focus on hosting. 

As for in-person events, you will want someone on the door to welcome the attendees, someone to help with queries, and someone to keep the drinks topped up. Ensure that the staff is dressed the same to make them easily recognizable. Lastly, ensure you hire a team that is big enough to suit the size of your audience.