Top Diet Tips From the Healthiest Country in the World, Spain!

Mediterranean Diet was the most popular diet in 2020. It has many benefits, right from lowering diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, breast cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s the works, and yes, it also helps you lose weight. But the Spaniard people followed the Mediterranean diet even before it became a thing.

But it is not about following this diet per se. It is a way of life for them. And they have made the Mediterranean diet their own and made it into the Spanish way of eating. So, here are few ways that make this diet the healthiest diet in the world and Spain the healthiest nation in the world.

Consume More Olive Oil

Did you know that Spain produces a lot of olive oil, arguably the healthiest oil in the world than any other country in the world? In Spain, olive oil is in everything.

A Spaniard may consume more than 10 liters of oil in a year! In comparison, an American can consume less than 1 liter of olive oil per person in a year. The shopping aisles have them, and the kitchen has them too, and they are generous about pouring olive oil into every dish they cook; let’s say they cannot do without it. And some of their favorite recipes include tomato soup or Salmorejo, the Spanish olive oil cake, and more.

More Omega 3

One of the best ways to add more omega 3s to your diet is to eat more tuna. It’s a prevalent dish in Spain and a part of most Mediterranean Diet recipes. But eating more tuna does not mean dousing it in mayonnaise and eating it without savoring its taste. The Spaniards eat their tuna as they mean it, natural fish marinated with olive oil.

There are various types of tuna that you can try in Spain, either jarred or canned tuna. The omega3 rich fish is great for your heart health, lowering your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Spaniards do not enjoy their meat as much as they enjoy their fish. Enjoy tuna the Spanish style, tuna Empanada and bite into a generous bite of healthfulness.

Consume More Fruits

Eating fresh fruits is a thing in Spain. Well, if you dig deep into a Spanish restaurant menu, you will be surprised to note that fresh fruits are a better way to polish off a meal in comparison to desserts. And there is a great amount of variety, from oranges, pineapples to melons you cannot go wrong with fresh fruits in Spain. Well, most people even eat fruits as their breakfast and as snacks too.

Don’t Skip Carbs

The Spaniards swear by their whole grains, and paella is their favorite food. This includes whole grains, fresh veggies, olive oil, all their favorite vegetables. Paella is just the right Mediterranean-diet recommended dish as it has all the ingredients that are healthy and delicious. These types of rice dishes are prevalent in Spain. Combining rice, veggies, and protein in the form of chicken and fish can be the perfect option for a mid-day meal—no wonder the Spaniards love it.

Consume More Tomatoes

Tomatoes are such a big part of the Spaniard’s menu. They are delicious and add just the right kind of tang to their dishes. They find it so nutritious and delicious that they can have it for breakfast, case in point, tomato, and bread. Tomatoes even break the monotony of a green salad, and they are versatile to be used as a garnish. Most of their dishes are tomato-based.

So whether it is Ensalada de Ventresca, a yum combination of tuna, tomato, and olive oil, or Romesco Sauce, tomatoes are everywhere, and the Spaniards are certainly not complaining. Not only are they flavorful, but also they are rich in antioxidants. And with their high levels of vitamins and antioxidants, tomatoes are a prime ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet. These red beauties contain a substance called lycopene that protects your cells from damage. This nutrient-rich food even protects you from heart disease and cancer.

Apart from their diet, the Spaniards move a lot, walking around the city. The city’s construction is such that people need to walk and take more stairs than any other city. No wonder they are the healthiest country in the world! So, do you think you would want to try these dietary tips too?