Top Museums to visit in Acadia, Maine


The best part about traveling to new areas is the ability to learn about the site or the various cultures that make up the area. Museums are the best opportunity to get a first-hand view of those cultures or learn about history. Whether it be art, music, or artifacts, any little thing will be able to open your eyes to the path a specific city or area went through to become what it is today.

Below we will be discussing the top museum in Acadia, Maine, and what makes them so unique. 

Castine Historical Society 

Acadia, Maine, is known for its fishing industry and has a deep-rooted American history that would not come to many people’s minds when they think of Maine. What the Castine historical society hopes to do is change that perception. Founded in 1966, this museum is full of art pieces, maps, books, etc., that can give you a look into the history of Acadia, Maine. It even showcases historical notes that date back to the Revolutionary war and can give you a glimpse into how Acadia, Maine, played a pivotal part in the war.

Wilson Museum

Founded in 1921 by John Howard Wilson, this museum consists of a series of buildings that help to show not only fossils and artifacts known to the Maine area but from across the world. Here you will find fossils from prehistoric times from the lands of America to Bali. This museum will give you a peek into the past life of our ancestors, from tools they used in everyday life to toys children had. Every museum has something to teach, and those lessons are no more pronounced than at the Wilson Museum. 

Eastern Maine Images Gallery & Gifts

This museum not only acts as a museum putting on display pieces of art from the premier wildlife photographer Don Dunbar and others but also a gift shop. Take a look into the wilderness that is synonymous with Acadia, Maine. Look at the sites that make this area beautiful and maybe even take notes for your future adventures. If any photos or books stand out to you and you want them as part of your collection, don’t worry; mostly everything you see is for sale. Ask for a price, and you could have a piece of Acadia with you at all times. 


No matter the place or the size, all areas have something to teach. Acadia is a small strip of land connected to Maine, but even this tiny piece of land has so much history behind it. This land has been the site of battles during the French-Indian War and the revolutionary war. This area is rich in history and memories, and the museums above will give you an insight into what this little land has been through to become what it is today. With these museums, you can get a feel of the culture that is Acadia, Maine.