Top Tips On Cutting Down Your Sugar Intake

We all know that sugar is not our friend as it is one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes. For you to look after your health, the best thing you could choose to do for your body is to eliminate as much sugar as possible, especially refined sugars. Of course, gradually is always better – so don’t jump the gun!

Cut Sugar From Your Beverages

In the spirit of not going cold turkey on sugar, it is probably best if you don’t completely stop drinking that soda you love or the fruit juice you’ve come to love with your breakfast. It is now common knowledge that sodas and fruit juices are high-calorie drinks that are packed with sugar, but suddenly eliminating them from your diet will likely have you craving it even more which places you at risk of binging pretty badly. So instead of completely removing soda from your diet, have just two, then one, then half if you must. And fruit juice is easy – just top up your favorite fruit juices with a little soda water or still water every time you have some. Pretty soon, you’ll be watering it down so much that you may even give it up altogether! Aim to have your fruits whole and fresh and aim to cut soda rather than replace with sugar-free alternatives that come with another host of unhealthy effects depending on the sweeteners used in them.

Say “No” to Processed Food

Processed food actually includes a whole lot more than you actually think – think of cakes and pastries, cookies and crisps, and practically everything that comes in a colorful bag off the grocery store shelf! Fortunately, you can make a gradual transition from these unhealthy snacks to consuming healthier alternatives pretty easily. Look for salted or seasoned nuts, dried fruit, or even popcorn as healthier choices over the other junk. However, make sure you try to purchase the single-serving bags just so you avoid overconsumption of these snacks. If you must buy a big bag, at least serve it into a small bowl before eating so you don’t absentmindedly binge-snack!

Your Cereal Probably Isn’t Your Friend

If you are someone who has a bowl of cereal every morning, take a walk to your kitchen, look at the label of your favorite box of cereal, and check how much sugar is in there. The chances are pretty high that it is loaded with sugar, so you will have to replace this breakfast habit! All that sugar in the morning has probably been giving you a boost and then leaving you in a slump very shortly afterward. Try preparing low GI oats or chia seed pudding instead, and opt to sweeten it with chopped fruit and a light drizzle of honey instead of tablespoons of sugar. You could even make oat bars with nuts and fruit.

Say Bye-Bye to Yogurt

If you’ve been having flavored yogurt, we can almost guarantee you that it is jam-packed with sugar. Flavored yogurt makes plenty of promises on the front label — of calcium, vitamins, and even protein – but just read the nutritional label, and you will be shocked by how much sugar is mixed in there, too! Yogurt is, indeed, healthy, but opt for the unsweetened variety, and you can enjoy a happy and healthy gut, fewer calories, and a whole lot less sugar. Just like your oatmeal, it can be enjoyed with fruit or honey, and even a stirred into your oatmeal itself.

Ditch the Sweets

Of course, it is rather obvious that you will have to give up candy if you’re cutting down on sugar, but we had to mention this point because we think it is really important to do this gradually! Cut down from a whole candy bar to half, from ten sweets to five, or whatever it is that works for you so that you do not binge. Also, replace milk chocolate or any sweet dessert with darker chocolate or a bowl of fruit, for example. This will help your tongue get used to something instead of added sugar!

You are not alone in your journey of cutting down on sugar. There are thousands of people right now who are trying to do the same thing you are, and if you do this the right way, you will be successful. Say hello to a healthier you by saying goodbye to added sugar!