Top Tips to Get Rid Of Your Love Handles in Fifteen Days!

Summer may be the perfect time to get rid of the muffin top. With all the Christmas hogging and New Year partying, time to take it easy and get rid of the cute-sounding muffin top. Although there is nothing cute about muffin tops. It is the unsigghtly little bulge that refuses to get tamed by the waist band.

The extra belly fat reminds us of the perfectly-crusty top of a pumpkin muffin and blueberry muffin. However, this not-so-cute muffin top clutches on your midsection and just refuses to go. So, how can you get rid of the stubborn belly fat or love handles? Although tightening up the belly fat is no mean feat, you need to do it as it can increase your disease risk. Also, it is important to do find the right approach and in this case belly exercises do not always make the cut.

Drink More Water

Yes, you have heard this before and you keep hearing about about it.  But it is one of the most underrated weight loss hacks you may have heard about. Drinking more water can stop you from reaching out for snacks which are either very salty or sugary. When you eat too much of salty or sugary snacks, it goes straight to your belly.  When you drink more water it flushes out, the extra debris from the cells of your body and boosts your metabolism. Drinking enough water can actually help get rid of the extra water weight.

Targeted Core Workouts

While doing core exsrcises everyday may not be the perfect road to a flat tummy minus the love handles. Core workouts such abdominal crunches, leg raises and oblique twists that can get you closer to your goal of attaining a flat tummy.

These exercises can strengthen your core muscles and give you the strong washboard stomach you’ve been wanting for so long. Also, combine it with different exercises such as strength training and carvascular exercises such as running and walking. When it comes to losing those love handles you need to combine different type of workouts to find exactly which one works for you.

 Check Out Your Portions

Monitoring your portion sizes is one of the best bets to lose weight. Just because you love something, you cannot start gorging on it and increae your calorie intake. If you do not know exactly how to control your portion size, try out some of the portion control gadgets.

There are plenty you can find online. And with these apps and gadgets you can get a complicated thing simple. It also helps preparing for healthy and nutritious meals without much ado.

Don’t Forget to Relax

Try and keep a check on your stress levels as increased stress levels is said to increase cortisol levels which can lead to weight gain around your middle. The best way to lower the elevated levels of cortisol is trying relaxation hacks. No matter how busy you are are, you have to schedule some relaxation time for yourself.

A quick walk out into the nature, catching up with some breathing exercises when you are feeling stressed or just try and sneak in some relaxing activities that really works for you. It may be dancing for some people, while for some of the others, it may be playing the guitar, or just singing in the shower. All we say is find your relaxation activity and stick to it every single day. Relaxation activities are not something you only catch up only on weekends. Instead you need to keep doing it everyday.

Stack Your Plate with More Fiber and Lean Protein

Protein is one of the more powerful foods that gives amazing flat belly results, so does fiber. So, don’t ignore your beans, legumes lean fish, meat, eggs and veggies. Fibrous veggies are low on calories and high on satiety. Protein helps you stay full for longer too. Ensure your plate is mostly covered with lean protein and veggies and leave just a little space for active carbs, read grains. Grain can spike your insuling levels rather fast, however combining with a good quality protein and fiber from the veggies, it can help you lower down that insulin spike. Remember higher levels of elevated insulin can only mean bad news for your love handles, muffin top or belly fat.

The nexzt time you grimace at the fat peeping out from your skinny jeans, well don’t worry, give yourself some time and you will be able to get rid of the extra fat on your belly with these hacks.