Key Facts About Tote Bags

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The most casual of bag choices, tote bags are an effortless way to carry all your belongings with you. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, tote bags can range from a couple of bucks or end up on the more expensive side depending on the construction and materials used. Either way, there are plenty of reasons to buy tote bags and we’re here to show you why.  

1. Highly Customizable

Tote bags can be found almost anywhere, from clothing stores like Cotton On to even stationery stores like Milligram. One of the reasons for their massive popularity is the fact that they are high customisable if you buy a plain tote bag like this Cotton Canvas Duck Bag by Baggu. Featuring both a shoulder strap and a handle, the blank canvas will give the owner ultimate freedom of expression. 

2. They Save the Earth

Baggu Recycled Cotton Canvas Duck Bag 

More often than not, tote bags are a great way to cut down on the number of plastic bags used by people in everyday life. Cotton On has a great range of cheap tote bags that are stylish substitutes for plastic bags. Not only this, but some tote bags are also made from recycled materials like this Baggu Recycled Cotton Canvas Duck Bag, meaning you’ll be saving the earth twice with this tote.  

3. Versatility 

If you want to save money, many tote bags out there are reversible and feature two prints so you can turn it inside out and match each side with your outfit for the day. 

4. They’re Not All Open Canvas Bags

When people think of tote bags, they most likely think of the traditional open canvas bag. In fact, a tote bag just means a large bag that is used to carry several items, so there is heaps of room for interpretation. This Rains Tote Bag has a zippered compartment inside the bag as well as an outside zip for security, and is made out of waterproof material.  

For a sturdier version of the open canvas bags, the Bellroy Melbourne Tote has a dedicated laptop pocket, as well as other compartments suitable for storing cords and notebooks. A leather strap also means there’s no chance of the strap snapping anytime soon. 


Unconventional styles include net bags like this one from Milligram. Stretchy and small, these bags are extremely flexible and can hold everything from groceries to your notebooks for work.  

5. They Can Be Worn by Everyone 

Tote bags

Shoulder bags have been, in the past, primarily worn by women. But in this day and age, there is such a wide range of styles out there that men can just as easily find a style that is suited to them. Tote bags are comfortable and extremely useful, so why should men be excluded from wearing one?