Toyota FT-1 Concept Car

Toyota is world-renowned for making perfectly acceptable four-wheeled appliances, but Akio Toyoda, the automaker’s CEO, wants to shake things up. And the FT-1 concept is the first major step to banish the bland and eviscerate the vanilla.

Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, most gearheads see the FT-1 as the spiritual successor to the Toyota Supra — the over-endowed darling of the tuner scene that gave everything from Corvettes to Porsches a run for their money.

The FT-1 certainly looks like it could hang with the best from Motor City and Maranello, particularly with its F1-inspired nose, lens-free LED headlamps, and insanely intricate rear that blends blistered fenders with strakes and angles that look like they were pulled straight out of an anime.

The interior is just as elaborate, with a fighter jet-like head-up display and small screen ahead of the driver, and an integrated screen at the top of the button-festooned steering wheel that shows the driving mode (sport to comfort), a shift light and the current gear.

There are shades of Lexus’ star-crossed LFA throughout the interior and exterior, which could be a better indication of where the FT-1 might be headed. But a dealer near you isn’t it.

For now, the FT-1 is just a concept that’s set to inspire the next generation of rides from the automaker — hence its name FT, which stands for Future Toyota. But starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to download the FT-1 in Gran Turismo 6 and take it for a hot lap around the world’s greatest circuits. That includes the Fuji Speedway, where Akio Toyoda is rumored to have driven it, setting a lap record in the process, and green-lit the concept immediately afterwards.

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