Find Treadmills Boring? Here’s How to Spice Them Up


Treadmills are known to be an alternative to going for a walk. But it is often regarded as a better choice than running on hard, concrete surfaces or paved roads. With features like blood pressure tracking and heart rate monitors, the modern treadmills are amazing workout companions today. 

However, most people starting with the treadmill may find it boring. But you can always make the experience more fun to prevent turning it into a ‘dreadmill’ soon. Let us tell you how. 

Find a suitable app

Technology has made everything hassle-free. If you do not like running on the treadmill alone at home, you may find social media apps to connect with other runners virtually. You may develop a combined exercise regime to cut down on the monotony. You may also create group run programs and join races on these apps, thus helping you get the motivation to exercise regularly. 

Listen to your favorite playlist

Yes, this is one of the most common ways to get rid of boredom while walking on the treadmill. Create a work out playlist by keeping the moderate rhythm songs at the beginning and the fast-paced ones at the end. Put on your Bluetooth headset and listen to music while walking. Slowly, you will experience an adrenaline rush to work out vigorously, as the rhythm increases. 

Combine multiple exercises 

You may perform several exercises while walking or running on the treadmill. However, be careful about your balance, or else you may fall. The experts at Enlightened Treadmills suggest starting slowly and increasing your pace gradually to prevent such accidents. From sprinting to shadow boxing, you can do it all. You may also try arm circling or walking backward if you want to make it more interesting. 

Watch a movie 

Yes! You can do that. Either buy a treadmill with a TV screen and WiFi connectivity or fix your mobile or tab at the front of the treadmill to watch a movie while working out. Keep the length of the movie the same as your walking time. Pick from action and thriller genres to match the walking or running pace. You can also watch music videos or the news while running on the treadmill. 

Listen to podcasts

If listening to music does not get you the motivation you need, you may try listening to podcasts. Choose one that is of the exact length as your work out and related to the same. If you want to listen to something else, you can do that. But if the podcast is about the benefits of exercise, setting goals, and staying healthy, you will find the motivation you seek. 

Take pictures and videos

The social media workout trends are getting bigger with each day. People are in love with the idea of flaunting their workout sessions more than anything else these days. You may join the bandwagon by taking pictures and selfies while running. However, be careful not to fall while posing for the camera. It is best to stop the machine, take a break, click some pictures, and start again. You may also ask someone to take those pictures and videos for you. 

Ask a friend 

You can invite a friend to work out with you on the treadmill. You can compete with each other, take pictures, gossip, and have a good time while burning some calories. You may also learn new things and make the session all the more exciting. After working out, you can invite your friend for a cup of coffee before s/he bids you goodbye. 

Create challenges

You can challenge a runner, a friend, or a neighbor in real-time or virtually on the treadmill. These challenges create all the motivation you need to work out regularly. Keep some reward, like a treat, at the end of the bargain to increase your motivation further. You will also have a great time running with someone, who will try to outlast you every moment. 

Playing on the treadmill

This one can be difficult, and you have to be careful at all times. Playing a video game while walking on the treadmill is a pretty difficult task, as your focus gets divided. However, the challenges of it can make the activity way more interesting. If you can do it properly, it may help take the boredom out of your work out regime. Just try it!

You can think of other ways to make the treadmill more exciting. For example, you can practice meditation while walking, plan your day’s schedule in your mind, or binge-watch Netflix. All you have to do is set the pace of the treadmill according to the activity to prevent accidental falls. With so many options to make your workout interesting, you may grow a habit of it eventually.