Tricks For Surviving Halloween Treats

Eeek! Leading up to All Hallow’s Eve, it’s not the scary costumes or horror movies that put me in a frightful state—it’s the mini chocolate bars and chips lurking around every corner of the grocery store.

Halloween is a particularly freaky time of year for those of us trying to eat healthily and lose weight. Sugary and fatty treats take over the aisles of the supermarket and everywhere you turn, you’re tempted by evil chocolaty, starchy, and sugar-coated sweets that will sabotage your weight loss efforts and wreak Fright Night on your waistline.

That’s why we’ve decided to arm you with some great survival tips leading up to the big night! Here are ten tips for overcoming the temptation of those sinful Halloween treats…

Buy Your Candy on Halloween

The best way to avoid being tempted by all of those mini Halloween goodies in the weeks prior to trick or treat night is to avoid bringing them into your house altogether. That’s why I make a point to put off my Halloween treat shopping until the day of Halloween—that way I’m not dipping into the bootie before the kids arrive. (You should also check out The Best and Worst Halloween Candy to Eat).

Eat a Filling, Well Balanced Dinner

Candy is particularly tempting when you’re hungry. That’s why I prepare a filling, well-balanced dinner before the candy comes out and the kids start knocking on doors. A healthy dinner, made with lots of fresh veggies, lean proteins, and fiber will keep you satiated so that you’re less inclined to snack.

Buy Candy You Don’t Crave

If I don’t want to eat those mini peanut butter cups (they are my absolute weakness), I avoid bringing them into the house altogether. Instead, I opt to purchase a few kinds of candy that I don’t particularly like or crave so I’m not tempted to gorge myself.

Chaperone Your Little Goblins

Another option is to stay a safe distance from the candy altogether. I do that by volunteering to chaperone a group of little ghouls and goblins around the neighborhood so I’m not stuck at home handing out the sweet stuff. This way, I get some exercise and I’m less likely to indulge.

Don’t Overbuy Treats

You know approximately how many kids you got last year so buy your candy accordingly. I only buy as much candy as I think I’ll need so that I’m not stuck grazing on the leftovers for weeks afterward.

Make Sealed Treat Bags

One way to avoid putting your hand in the treat bag is to seal those suckers up—tight! That’s why I’ve gotten into the habit of arranging all of my treats into portioned treat bags for the kids with a nice sturdy ribbon to seal them shut from prying fingers (my own).

Provide Only Healthy Treats

If you know the kids personally coming to your door, you can get creative with some healthier treats for Halloween. For instance, I like to give out juicy apples or I make unsalted, unbuttered popcorn treats and rice crispy snacks to give out to the kids. So if I do nibble, I’m not ruining my diet.

Give Out Non-Edible Treats

Another option if you’re prone to snacking is to give out non-consumable treats for Halloween. For instance, packs of stickers, gift cards, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and bookmarks make great treats for kids.

Don’t Focus on the Treats

If sugary treats tend to cast a hocus-pocus spell on your healthy eating habit, forgo the treats altogether and make Halloween about fun instead. For instance, you can host a pumpkin carving contest or set up a corn maze for the kids instead.

Don’t Lead Yourself Into Sugar Temptation

Temptation is scary stuff that lasts far past Halloween night, and when it comes to leftover candy, I don’t even want the enticement in my house.  That’s why I take all of my leftover treats and put them in a donation bag immediately after the last kid knocks on my door. I donate them to a local children’s lunch club, a school, or a homeless shelter so that they don’t remain a frightful diet trap in my house.