3 types of headaches and 3 ways to ease your pain

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Suffer from headaches and want to relieve the pain? Learn how to define the right type of a headache and check out possible solutions!

1. Headache of tension

A headache of tension is a very common type of a headache, which is caused by cricks of the neck and head. According to Long Island neurologist, it’s characterized by slight and moderate pain, pressure in the head, and discomfort. You can feel the pain on the both sides of your head, sometimes in your neck and shoulders.

2. Solution

Stress, excessive tension, lack of rest, incorrect posture, and uncomfortable chair are the main causes of this type of a headache. Long Island neurologist recommends massage of temples as a temporary solution, but you should rest more and add physical activities to your life.

3. Migraine

A migraine is usually characterized by the pain of back of the head and pain behind eyes, which becomes stronger in the course of time and lasts longer than a headache of tension. This type of a headache can be accompanied by the feeling of sickness and vomiting.
4. Solution

It is a serious type of a headache, which can require medical assistance and treatments. People suffering from a migraine require good rest and sound sleep; moreover, it’s important to eliminate any irritants such as loud sounds, bright lights, and odd smells.

5. Cluster headache

Attacks of intense pain, which repeat several times during the day are the main symptom of a cluster headache. It is the rarest and most dangerous type of a headache, which also has such symptoms as lacrimation, eye redness, runny and blocked nose.

6. Solution

This type of a headache can be caused by excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol. It requires medical help and giving up bad habits!

Life without headache is possible, just follow these tips by nyneurologists.com!