How to choose a vaccum cleaner for your pet

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Pets are cherished companions who are adored by their owners.  It feels great to have such a wonderful furry companion at all times with you. However, they are messy; they shed hair and dander everywhere and create accidents on carpets, rugs, floor, etc. A pet makes you feel amazing, but the mess they create is certainly annoying.

Pet hair can also cause allergies and if someone is asthmatic then things can be really tough. It may even call for a medical emergency at times. Keeping your home air fresh and assets free of irritants, allergens and pet hair may seem like a challenging job because any vacuum cleaner will not solve the purpose.

Why vacuums for pets?

You need specially designed vacuums for pet hair on which you can rely for years to perform heavy cleaning jobs. To manage the cleaning issues while keeping a pet can be dealt appropriately if you have a quality pet vacuum. When you purchase a new vacuum for home with pets, there are number of things to consider because pets create more dirt and dust. This guide will help you find best vacuums for pet hair which will make the experience of living with a pet mess free as well as stress free.


Tip 1: Decide on the type of vacuum:

Most common types of vacuums are cylinder, cordless and upright. To select a type you must consider the home size, frequency of cleaning your home and whether there is a staircase or not.

Upright vacuum has a floor head attached to the main body and the powered brush bar is extremely useful to go deep in carpets and remove the hair. However, an upright vacuum has a small capacity which is difficult to be used on the stairs.

A cordless is ideal for regular and quick clean ups. Though the battery life and dust capacity is limited, but for easy clean ups these are ideal.

Cylinder vacuums are not good for large floor areas, but some have powerful floor heads to remove dog hair. These can be used on stairs and tight spaces where using an upright vacuum is not possible.


Tips 2: Do not depend on suction power alone

Strong suction power is definitely an important feature, but it is not the only feature. To remove pet hair from fibers you will need a motorized brush bar. If your dog has long hair then brush bars are very useful.


Tip 3: Stiff bristles and powerful motor

Carefully inspect this part when purchasing a vacuum for pet. Soft bristles cannot help in picking the pet hair from carpet. Stiff bristles will do the job of picking the hair quite well. Simultaneously, a powerful motor will help the pet hair, dust, allergens, etc. go inside the bin and not stay on the brush roll.


Tip 4: Choose bagged over bagless

Choosing bagged over bagless is a great option because you can empty the bag easily. There will be no fuss and no mess. You will also stay away from dust and pollens because the bag will trap everything.


Tip 5: Long hose length

A hose is useful to extend the functionality of vacuums as they can clean hard to reach areas easily.


Tip 6: Durability

It may not be easy to decide that which vacuum is durable and measuring the durability simply by reading the features will not help. Always do your research. You must check customer reviews. If there are a lot of complaints then avoid taking that vacuum and choose the one with positive reviews.


Tip 7: Consider the floor type

If you have a hardwood floor then it can be spoilt if you do not use a vacuum designed specifically for hardwood floors. As it is a onetime investment choose the one that is a hardwood floor vacuum as well as pet friendly. It will serve two purposes.

Lastly, check the warranty on the vacuum because a one with longer warranty will give you complete peace of mind. If you are not happy with something, you can simply send it back or get it replaced. You should also go for a branded vacuum. They will feature the necessary specifications you need and will turn out to be the best pet vacuum as well.


Also keep the tips in mind because you will vacuum pet hair along with carpets, upholstery, etc. You should have a one stop solution to meet all your cleaning requirements precisely. Simply analyze everything to narrow down your search and get the best vacuum.