Some Amazing Decor Ideas to Make Your Living Room Walls Refreshing


Some Amazing Decor Ideas to Make Your Living Room Walls Refreshing 

Are you looking for some ideas to make those dull walls of your living room look refreshing? Well, then your search ends here as we will be discussing a few ideas here that will make your empty walls more appealing. Let those bare walls turn into stylish centerpieces – keep reading. No matter what your ambiance is or what your style is with ideas that we will share with you will represent your personality. If you are a book lover, nature’s lover, art collector, or wish to add something special to the wall, you will have everything that you adore on your wall for sure. So without holding that excitement much, let’s open the box of ideas to you: 

Opt Large Scale Art 

If your living space includes less furniture and broad walls, then you can add an oversized painting or photograph of your choice. In a minimalist area, try to add black and white photos or vibrant color painting as this will make the room look more spacious and big. 

Built A Gallery Wall 

A gallery wall adds color and personality quite profoundly. Hang a collection of photographs or art collection or ephemera or even artistic wall hangings. Go with cohesive and simple frames and bring a variety of variations in the pictures so that they get mixed up beautifully. Remember, if you can extend the gallery wall to the ceilings, then it will create an illusion of a bigger space. 

Display Fabric 

A wall hanging or tapestry that has colors and patterns will enhance the sense of space and softness in the wall. It would be great if you have pretty textile or vintage hanging. Another great advantage of these fabric hangings is easy to move when heading to the next home. 

Hang Mirror 

The best part of adding mirrors to your wall is that they depict a more extensive and brighter feel in the room. What you can do is either hang a big oversized mirror or plenty of smaller pieces. It depends on the size of the wall and how you wish to add it to your room. 

Add An Electric Fireplace

In case you are thinking of adding an electric fireplace in your living room, then most people like in-wall installation of it. That looks pretty and takes less space in the room, but yes, there is a difference between placing it against the wall and in-wall installation. So make sure you are clear with the question: can an electric fireplace be against wall before doing it, because you need to have something for securing the fireplace or giving it support at the sides to make sure that it does not fall. 

Final Words 

Making walls lively and appealing can help you a lot in transforming the dull room into the brightest room. Make sure you choose the right decoration idea for your space so that it depicts your personality and makes you feel comfortable. 

Bonus Idea: you can even add hanging plants if you are a nature lover. There are plenty of hanging pots available and indoor plants. So you can even go with it.