What Are Creative Ways to Display Your Grandkids’ Art At Home?

Your grandchild has just given you a beautiful drawing of their own design. Of course, you love it, and of course, you want to display it somewhere in your home. But where? How can you find a way to display it alongside the growing pile of artwork your grandkids have already given you? There are surprisingly many ways to display their art, so read on to discover a new or unique way to make your grandkid’s art fit right into your space.

Repurpose Them

Artwork does not need to only be displayed on a wall. You can take that one-of-a-kind piece and have it repurposed into a magnet, mug, or even a pillow. Picture the surprise on your grandkid’s faces when they see you wearing their most recent design! Repurposing art into something you see every day is a wonderful way to think about your loved one as you go about your daily activities. Who doesn’t love drinking their morning coffee in a mug adorned with distinctive art?

Scale Them Down

Another noteworthy way to save the myriad of art creations you receive is to scale them down to a more manageable size. You can scan or even snap pictures with your phone, then compile them online. They can be printed in a collage style, onto a single print, which you can then frame and place in a noticeable spot in your home.

Transfer Them to a Canvas or T-Shirt

Beloved artwork can also be transferred to another medium, such as a canvas or t-shirt. These can also make great gifts to parents, relatives, or even the child themselves! A canvas can give the artwork a more down-to-earth feel than a framed print, and a t-shirt can be a casual way to celebrate your grandchild’s talent. It is even possible to transfer art onto a stuffed animal, like a teddy bear.

Create a Book

If you scan your grandkids’ artwork, creating a book, either digitally or in print form, is another ideal way to save memories. Just scanning art creations means they’ll last longer, but you can also turn them into a digital scrapbook, for perusing together with your family or grandkids to share in the memories of their creations. You can create a printed scrapbook or a hardcover book designed for display on the coffee table.

Display Them on a Floating Shelf

Floating shelves come in a number of colors and styles, making them a perfect way to display the artwork so that it blends in with your existing interior decor. Using floating shelves also lets you swap out artwork over time, and it also allows you to display other mementos alongside picture frames.

Types of Frames

Frames do not need to be simply white or black, though these framed displays are also visually appealing. There are vintage frames of various shapes and sizes to choose from. You can also go with a more modern and temporary display by using vinyl decals. They stick to walls but can easily be peeled away without harming paint, making switching up designs a breeze.

Think Outside the Frame

Who says you need a frame to display your grandkids’ artwork? There are so many wonderful ways to showcase their designs without them. Good old-fashioned tape is always a viable option, but you can also string up art by attaching it directly to the wall or a piece of stained wood. You can experiment with corkboard or curtain wire, using laundry pins or small silver clips to hang individual pieces. Another benefit of these options is that they let you easily switch up art whenever you wish.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the location to hang artwork is nearly as important as deciding how it should be hung. You can opt for a colorful collage in the playroom. The stairway is also a popular choice for making a gallery wall. You can go for small groupings or large gallery wall-style displays. When designing a gallery wall, you can make it dedicated to grandkid art only or you can create a mix of kid artwork and existing paintings and portraits.


There are a number of DIY methods for displaying artwork. You can make your own wallpaper and then let your grandkids’ imaginations run wild, creating art directly onto the wallpaper. You can also use stencils or a pencil, ruler, and artist’s paintbrush and take them to the walls, creating your own colorful frames.

Put On an Art Show

What better way to show your grandkids’ art to the community than with a kids-only art show? If there is a favorite coffee shop or bakery you frequent, consider asking them to let you put on a display of the area children’s artwork. You could throw a small opening party, complete with treats from the hosting business. Such an art show will not only make the grandkids proud but will connect you with others in your community.