What Are the Best Birthday Quotes?

Is there anything better than a birthday where you receive lots of messages of love and support from friends and family? Staying connected and remembering birthdays is easier than ever thanks to e-mail, text messages, and social media. It’s a source of joy for a lot of people to watch those notifications pile up on a special birthday. However, if you want your message to stand out of the crowd, you should try something more unique than simply “happy birthday”. Try sending one of these unique birthday quotes instead to give your message more meaning.

“A New Year is Like a Movie, and You’re the Director. Make it a Good One.”

This birthday quote is an ideal choice to send to your friend who is a huge movie buff. This empowering quote reminds your friend that a birthday is a great opportunity for new beginnings or even for starting over if that’s what it takes. Text this quote along with a still from their favorite movie, or write it in a card and include a pair of movie tickets for a memorable gift.

“Late in the Evening, There’s a Glow Below the Horizon, and I Know Deep in my Heart… It’s Your Birthday Cake.”

Is your best friend really your best friend if you can’t troll them a little on their birthday? This birthday quote is one of our favorites because it lulls the reader into thinking it’s going to be some kind of greeting card platitude before forcing them to confront the towering inferno that their birthday cake has become after adding yet another candle this year. This birthday quote is sure to score at least a few rueful chuckles.

“Birthdays Come Every Year, but Friends like You Are One of a Kind.”

Make your friend feel truly special for their birthday this year by sending them this heartwarming quote. There’s no better time than a birthday to let someone know how much they really mean to you. As your friend goes through their birthday messages, this sincere and meaningful quote will surely stand out from the rest.

“May the Joy That You Have Spread in the Past Come Back to You on this Day.”

When it’s your birthday, it’s a great opportunity to rest and reflect on the previous year and to remember its joys and its challenges. If you have a friend who makes your life better just by being in it and who loves to help everyone through their tough times, this birthday quote will be perfect to honor them on their special day.

“The World is a Little Bit Brighter Because of You!”

This encouraging birthday quote works really well for good friends, coworkers, or even children in your life who are celebrating a special birthday. Choose a card or emoji that goes that along with the “bright” theme like one featuring stars, candles, fireworks, or sunshine for a combination that will really make an impression.

“Best Friends are like Presents – You are Always Happy to See Them!”

This quote works perfectly to help wish a close friend happy birthday since it reinforces the strength of your bond and references the best part of any birthday – the presents! Write this birthday quote in a note and slip it onto a special gift for your friend for the biggest impact.

“A Diplomat is a Man Who Always Remembers a Woman’s Birthday but Never Remembers Her Age.”

This clever quote by famed poet Robert Frost is a charming way for a gentleman to acknowledge the birthday of a special lady in his life. Getting older can be hard for some people, so let her have her (birthday) cake and eat it too by celebrating her in style without making her feel like she is over the hill.

“Grow Old Along With Me! The Best is Yet to Be.”

This birthday quote from the Victorian playwright and poet Robert Browning is ideal for celebrating a cherished romantic partner. Growing old seems much less intimidating when you reassure your spouse or significant other that you’ll be doing it together. Create a beautiful handwritten note with this quote and tie it to the stem of a rose for a birthday message that’s sure to have them swooning.

“You Have to Get Older, But You Don’t Have to Grow Up.”

Do you have a friend in your life who seems eternally cool? Maybe this friend is always the life of the party, or maybe their spontaneous nature and relaxed outlook on life make them seem forever young. If you’re lucky enough to have a “Peter Pan” in your life, use this birthday quote to remind them that turning one year older doesn’t mean that they have to change their fun-loving ways.

“Don’t Just Count Your Years, Make Your Years Count.”

This birthday quote from English novelist George Meredith is a great way to add a meaningful touch to a dear friend’s birthday. Share this little nugget of wisdom with a friend your own age or pass it on to someone younger than you to remind them that life can be as great as they choose to make it no matter how many birthdays are behind them.