What’s the Fuss About the GOLO Diet Trending All over the Web?

Losing weight isn’t always the easiest thing to do in the world. However, with new methods, diets, and workouts claiming to be the best, there are just too many choices bamboozling you in the process. Hence it becomes difficult to choose a good, sustainable plan that is not a fad, but something that will truly give you the results you want, drop the extra pounds, and keep it off. One of the recent diet programs to join the diet bandwagon is the GOLO diet.

The mechanism of the GOLO Diet is that their weight loss is all about hormones, the hormone insulin, it is this hormone that stops you from losing weight. Even when you eat healthily and exercise, the extra fat storage slows your metabolism. The GOLO website has all the recipes, coaching, and guides to lower your insulin levels and lose weight in the process. This will stop you from doing yo-yo dieting and losing weight in the process.

The Mechanisms of the GOLO Diet

Insulin resistance is the bane of the modern-day lifestyle.  Insulin resistance is exacerbated by trying out different diets without much success. When the body’s insulin production is high the body starts burning sugar instead of fat. It is the insulin fluctuations that can make you hungry that stall your weight loss process. When you feel, hungry, you eat more and hence your weight loss goals go for a toss.

Top Foods To Include

Like most of the successful diet plans, the GOLO diet too encourages you to try whole, minimally processed foods. So, there is no rocket science as far as choosing the foods are concerned, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, lean protein, and healthy fats. There you go the list is as simple as it gets. You also need to add simple seasonings to make your food more interesting such as parsley, garlic, and ginger.

The Foods to Avoid

So what are the foods that you should completely ignore if you are following the GOLO diet? Well, this list is simple too.  you need to eliminate the usual suspects, including soda, fried food, junk food, and artificial sweeteners. Especially when you are compiling your daily list of diet foods, you need to avoid, biscuits, crackers, bacon, ice-creams, and more.

The Key Benefits of the GOLO Diet

The GOLO diet website has all kinds of good things to say about the diet. Once you curb insulin resistance, you will be able to reverse lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, lower cholesterol, improve sleep, and reduce the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). While most diets fail because ultimately they are not sustainable, this diet is just the opposite; you can follow it for a long time and get similar benefits. It is because it instills in you a sense of awareness of portion sizes and makes better food choices.  Best food options, help manage the blood sugar levels better and it helps reduce inflammation and also lower triglyceride levels. This way you have better control of other co-morbidities such as dementia, heart disease, and/or kidney disease.

The Cons of the Diet

Should you follow the diet? While the website has all the advice and the guidelines, there is not much information about it; the medical literature has not been substantiated by medical experts or there aren’t many peer-reviewed journals on the same. Let’s just say there aren’t many studies done on the same and the studies carried out have been few and far between. So, there aren’t many doctors and nutritionists who have supported this diet.

Also, how different is the diet from the other diets that are supposed to help to fix insulin resistance too, say the Keto Diet or the Paleo Diet? Is it only about eating certain macronutrients and eliminating some of the other food items, which again won’t be sustainable in the long run? It is important to review the diet yourself and find out whether the diet is right for you, understand your medical condition, and only then follow the diet.

The diet plan also promotes a supplement called GOLO Release, which has a wide array of plant extracts and minerals that can help regulate blood sugar levels, increase energy, and reduce hunger and cravings. Before you begin any diet it is important to talk to your physician and go ahead with the plan, only if he/she approves of it.