Who is Tony Hadley’s first wife? net worth, virgin Voyages Atlantic cruise

Tony Hadley is an English singer-songwriter, occasional theatre actor, and radio broadcaster. Hadley rose to fame in 1980 as the lead singer of the New Romantic band Spandau Ballet. After the band disbanded in 1990, Hadley embarked on a solo career. Hadley has a stunning appearance and a commanding voice. AllMusic has described his voice as a dramatic warble. David Rimmer, a music journalist and novelist, likened his voice to that of a siren imitating both Frank Sinatra and David Bowie. A fellow Spandau Ballet bandmate, Steve Norman, praised his voice as having a huge vocal range. To learn more about Tony Hadley’s wife, net worth, and other details, continue reading.

Who is actor Tony Hadley’s first wife? What is her profession?

In 1983, Hadley married Leonie Lawson, his first wife. Tom, Toni, and Mackenzie are their three children. In 2003, the couple divorced. After 20 years of marriage, this happened. Hadley married Alison Evers, his second wife, at Cliveden House in July 2009. Zara and Genevieve are their two daughters. Genevieve was born on February 6, 2012, and Zara was born on December 21, 2006.

What is the name of his wife? Does the couple have kids together?

Tony Hadley had five children in all. With his first wife, Leonie Lawson, he has three children: Thomas, Toni, and Mackenzie. Then he had Zara (December 21, 2006) and Genevieve (February 6, 2012) with his second wife Alison Evers, whom he married at Cliveden House in July 2009. After twenty years of marriage, Hadley and Leonie divorced in 2003.

Hadley, his wife Alison, and their two youngest children, Zara and Genevieve, live in Buckinghamshire. Hadley is an Arsenal fan who plays for the Arsenal XI’s former professional and celebrity team. He also enjoys running and skiing. Hadley attends the East Festival on a regular basis. In the United Kingdom, he is also a patron of the Huntington Disease Association. Tony is proud of his work ethic, which he claims his parents instilled in him from an early age, and claims to have never sought remuneration.

How much is the net worth of Tony Hadley? Is he a millionaire?

When Tony Hadley, a well-known English musician, decided to appear on the reality television show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! in 2015, he drew a lot of attention. Although Hadey’s music is the source of the majority of his money, he has also published a book and performed as an actor on occasion. Tony Hadley’s net worth is estimate to be £6.6 million ($10 million) as of 2022.

Hadley’s singing career and records are his primary source of income. Tony has been in the music industry since 1979, and has worked with major labels such as SlipStream Records, PolyGram, EMI, CBS, Sony BMG, and Chrysalis Records. Hadley has also served as a radio DJ for Virgin Radio, when he took over Suggs’ Friday Night Virgin Party Classics in August of 2007. In 2015, he was add to the list of Absolute Radio’s presenters.

Tony Hadley began his professional career in a unique way.

Hadley’s international popularity as a member of the Spandau Ballet began in 1980, with classics including “True,” “Gold,” and “Through the Barricades,” and he performed at Live Aid in 1985. Spandau Ballet broke up in 1989 when their last studio album, Heart Like a Sky, failed to match the critical and commercial success of previous albums like True and Parade. Hadley pursued a solo career when Spandau Ballet collapsed, signing with EMI and releasing his first album, The State of Play, in 1992.

Hadley created his own record label, SlipStream Records, after quitting EMI, and Tony’s first release was the track “Build Me Up” from the film When Saturday Comes. Tony then participated on a European symphonic tour with Joe Cocker, Paul Michiels, Dani Klein, and Guo Yue in December 1996, performing in front of 500,000 concertgoers over the course of six weeks. Hadley got a deal with PolyGram TV after returning from that tour, and in 1997, he released his next solo album, Tony Hadley, which comprised covers and songs he chose to fit his sound. Some of his own songs appear on the CD, including “She,” which he penned for his daughter Tony.

Tony Hadley bio/wiki- parents, siblings, nationality, ethnicity & childhood

Tony is a British national who was born in Islington, London, on June 2, 1960. Patrick Hadley, an electrical engineer, and Josephine Hadley, a local health authority, are Tony’s parents. Lee Hadley is his sister, while Steve Hadley is his brother.

Hadley has a stunning appearance and a commanding voice. A music journalist and writer named David Rimmer described his voice as that of a siren attempting to emulate both Frank Sinatra and David Bowie. His voice has a vast vocal range, according to Stenda Norman, a Spandau Ballet partner. Tim Rice describes himself as having a strong and expressive voice that only his contemporaries can match.

How tall is the famous actor Hadley? weight, education

Tony stands at 1.93 meters in height. His hair is a dark shade of black. He is 97 kg in weight. Hadley had received his schooling at Dame Alice Owen’s Grammar School in England.

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