Who Says Women Over Forty Cannot Lose Weight? Here Are Some Amazing Tips to Shed The Pounds For Good!

When you were in your twenties, losing weight wasn’t such a great deal. Eat a scoop or even a tub of ice cream and you’ll tell yourself ‘I’ll workout tomorrow and burn it all off.’ But as you hit your forties just staying near a tub of ice cream will mean you have put on a pound or two!  All thanks to your metabolic rate that starts plummeting as you hit your late thirties, but all is not lost, you can still stave off weight gain. even if you are in your forties, the shift in your hormonal balance is something that may act as a hurdle in your weight loss journey but nothing that you cannot overcome with a few lifestyle changes.  Weight loss after 40 isn’t such an uphill task. Here are some hacks that can really help you.

Build Up Those Muscle Mass

As we grow older our muscle mass starts depleting and women tend to have lower muscle mass than their male counterparts. And as you grow older, the muscle reserves start depleting. However, with a little bit of effort, you can pack in some serious muscle and a weight-training routine can totally help you burn calories and add some lean muscles.  If you are complaining about slower metabolism after 40, add some resistance training and you’ll be able to maintain your resting metabolic rate.

Amp Up Your Protein

Slimming down after forty becomes easier when you have adequate levels of protein with each one of your meals. The Journal of the American Dietetic Association published a report that low-protein diets accelerate greater lean muscle loss in older women potentially slowing their metabolism. If you are not big on meat, you can add some form of plant-based protein with food like nuts, beans, or whole grains or pseudo-grains like quinoa, to your menu.

Add More Movement to Your Regime

Adding a daily walk to your regime which will help lose extra weight. It’s not that you complete a one-hour workout and you are done for the day. You need to stay active throughout the day. Also, this way you end up burning more calories. The only way you can stave off things like osteoporosis, and as you lose the extra pounds you also ensure that you are kinder to your joints.

The Importance of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Your Diet

Add more omega-3–rich foods to your diet and it can help lower your inflammation. Plant-based foods such as flaxseeds, avocado and avocado oil, nuts and seeds, and salmon are options for your to try. Research says that adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet can actually help you lose weight and keep off the weight for longer.  If you are post-menopausal omega 3 can also reduce hot flashes, especially in the age group of 40-55.

Leg Days for the Win

Working your legs is one of the best ways to stave off the extra weight. It will not only increase your muscle tone but also burn an insane number of calories. Research suggests that women who have more muscle in their lower body can prevent falls and fractures in the future. Research conducted by Gerontology also suggests that stronger legs are may also mean a stronger brain.

More Calcium Also Means Greater Fat Burn

Do you want to increase your fat-burning chances after 40? Ensure you can add more calcium to your diet, as you add calcium-rich foods. The more calcium you add to your diet, the greater are your chances to lose as much as 11 pounds of bo`1dy fat in one year. As you increase your calcium, it can amp up the strength of your bones and reduce your fall risk and a fracture-risk.

Get Some Sun

Exposing yourself to UV rays can actually impact your weight in a good way. Vitamin D is in the spotlight for many reasons, not only does it aid fat loss, it can be a potent tool in your kitty to prevent type 2 diabetes and even cancer. Women who have adequate vitamin D levels can actually lose a substantial amount of weight. Adequate levels of vitamin D can also fix your mood and treat depression. So, if you are not getting enough of the sun, pop a pill. Of course, you need to ask your health care practitioner to know the strength of your vitamin D pill.

Also, it’s not always about weight loss, it is about gaining strength and staying healthy in the long run. So, include all these points and give your forties a healthy and fitter spin!