Why Is Cisco CCIE Collaboration Certification Important for IT Professionals?

There are many reasons that stay behind the IT professionals’ decisions to follow the necessary steps for obtaining the certbolt . The first reason that convinces them to obtain this accreditation is their passion for core collaboration technologies such as QoS, call control, collaboration applications, or infrastructure and design. The second reason is that Cisco has a solid reputation on the market that convinces the applicants to strengthen their knowledge on different assessments dedicated to IT topics. The third reason is that a candidate who adds the Cisco CCIE Collaboration certificate under his/her belt becomes an interesting “target” for recruiters who will consider them reliable professionals. So, the certbolt Collaboration accreditation is an important milestone for many IT specialists. Keep reading the following paragraphs to find more.

Strengthens Your Knowledge of Core Collaboration Technologies

The CCIE Collaboration accreditation from Cisco can be obtained after passing two exams. The first one is a qualifying exam coded CLCOR 350-801. It focuses on validating the examinees’ capabilities in implementing and operating Cisco collaboration core technologies. When preparing this assessment, the candidates should work on consolidating their knowledge of infrastructure and design, codecs, protocols, and endpoints. Also, they should be prepared for demonstrating that they know how to work with Cisco IOS XE gateway and media resources, Call Control, QoS, and collaboration applications. Once they get the passing score in this exam, the test-takers will need to pass the second exam, the certbolt v3.0 lab test, which lasts for 8 hours. So, from the knowledge perspective, this expert-level accreditation is important when you are passionate about technology and want to stay updated with the latest collaboration technologies.

Grants Access to Better-Paid Jobs


As already mentioned, Cisco benefits from a good reputation on the market and is considered a “training school” for capable professionals. Recruiters and hiring managers know this and are interested in working with skilled candidates who want to take their careers to the next level. So, from a recruiters’ perspective, the certbolt certification is a guarantee that they will be working with motivated individuals who are interested in developing their careers and are qualified in dealing with complex collaboration solutions. As for the candidates, once they add this expert-level accreditation under their belt, their power of negotiation gets higher and they will be accepted for better-paid jobs that keep them motivated.

Helps You Gain Self-Confidence

The certification process for certbolt accreditation is complex. You will need to pass two exams before you enjoy the benefits associated with this designation. Therefore, as you are done with all the steps, you will feel that there’s nothing that can stand in your way. Like this, your self-confidence level will go through the roof and make you understand that there’s nothing to stop you fulfill your dreams.

Sum Up


The certbolt certification is an important milestone for your personal and professional life. It is an essential step that you can take when you are passionate about technology and want to upgrade your skills to work with complex collaboration solutions. Also, it recommends you as a reliable professional who can negotiate a generous salary offer. Last but not least, once you get this designation, your self-confidence level will increase and convince you that you are a trustworthy individual who are able to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently.