Why You Are Not Motivated To Exercise? Revealing Dark Secrets Of Procrastination

There are hundreds of reasons for exercising. You need a healthy body and sound mental health. And exercise is the only way to get that. But the problem is that it is not an easy task to get out of one’s comfort zone and kickstart a fitness journey. Why? Simply because you do not know the fruits that come with the struggle.

If you know the long-term fruits of exercising, you will never quit your workout routine. But since you can not see the fruits of it right now – as you are young and energetic – things may not make sense to you.

Andrea / Pexels / Because millennials do not see the long-term fruits of exercising, they do not bother opting for it.

But if you were able to see the importance of exercising as you cross the standard age, you will thank your younger self for it. As you age, your body muscles become fragile. And you can barely move. Have you noticed older adults hardly moving with their heads down? Well, that is because their muscles have become weak. And they could not stand the weight of their bodies.

On the other hand, if you notice an older adult who was once a sportsman or fitness enthusiast, you can tell the difference. Regardless of his age, this man is still stubborn. What could be the reason, you ask? Well, because this old man was used to exercising. And now, he is bearing the fruits that his younger self sowed for him.

Mart / Pexels / Older adults who had a routine of working out in their early days are very likely to spend their adulthood with grace and dignity.

With that said, here are some common reasons for saying no to exercise:

You Do Not Have an Objective

The number one reason that you say no to exercise is that you lack an objective. In other words, you do not see a purpose and hitting the gym or running in your nearest park every morning. And that is why you do not bother exercising.

Karolina / Pexels / Lack of reasonable objectives is the foremost reason for not exercising.

So, figure out your fitness objectives. Imagine yourself in 50 years from now. Ask yourself what life will look like by then. In turn, you will see that there is no excuse for not exercising.

Your Brain is Wired to Procrastinate

Another common reason is that your brain and gut feelings are not on the same page. Deep inside, you may feel the need for exercise as your gut feelings continue to tell you. But your mind prefers procrastination.

That is why you prefer sitting on the couch 24/7. So, conquer your own mind. Fill it with positive vibes that will be handy for you as you age.

Lack of Passion & Long-Term Vision

If you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will never come out of your comfort zone. This indicated that you lack vision. You only think about the present not noticing that there is a post-retirement life waiting for you.

To combat this, you will have to sit with yourself and ask yourself some of the hardest questions. Consequently, the answers to these questions will force you to go for exercise.