10 Winter Skincare Tips

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Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. The dry heat in homes, combined with the cold air outside, causes skin to dry out. If you want to look your best this winter season, it’s a good idea to start paying attention to how you treat your skin right now. You don’t have to make drastic changes, but following these ten tips can really help you get perfect skin.

1. Hydrate from the inside out

Drink plenty of water to help your skin stay hydrated. While products and creams can help, they won’t work as well if you don’t drink enough water to keep your skin cells healthy. Make sure you drink plain water, as juice, coffee and tea do not hydrate the same way. In fact, caffeine can dehydrate your body.

2. Get rid of dead skin

Exfoliating is still a good idea in the dead of winter. Dead skin can clog your pores and prevent the moisturizer you use from actually penetrating the epidermis. For the best results, you’ll want to gently exfoliate at least once a week. Don’t exfoliate your skin too often since it can damage your skin and cause breakouts.

3. Use sunscreen

Did you know that sunscreen is even more important during the cold winter months? The sun may be weaker, but it also reflects off the snow. Wearing sunscreen is just another way of taking care of your skin. You should try to use SPF 15 or higher to ensure proper protection. Not only will you protect your skin from the sun, you will also prevent premature skin aging.

4. Protect your lips

Your lips needs a special care during the cold winter months, so don’t forget to use a moisturizing lip balm while you are protecting your face. You should look for one with at least SPF 15 protection to avoid chapping. The balm can also help prevent the wind from causing your lips to dry out and flake.

5. Look for oil-based moisturizers

Water-based hydrating creams will be gone in minutes with the dry weather during the winter. You’ll want something stronger that can actually hold the moisture in your skin. Look for a good moisturizer that contains at least 80% oil. There are so many winter moisturizers on the market now that you won’t have any problems to choose the best one.

6. Look after your entire body

It’s tempting to focus on your face and hands, since these are the areas most affected by the weather. The skin all over your body will need some extra care throughout the colder months as well, so make sure you moisturize everywhere and every day. Moisturizing the whole body daily is the key to a gorgeous body.

7. Lock in moisture after bathing

Apply your winter moisturizer to your entire body right after bathing. The minutes after you get out of a shower are the most vital for preserving moisture. Spread an oil-based moisturizer over your damp skin to keep skin nice and soft. After a few minutes, however, the water will evaporate from the skin and leave you dryer than before.

8. Avoid getting wet

Wet gloves, socks and other apparel can leave your hands and feet peeling or even cracked. If you do get wet, change into dry socks or gloves as quickly as possible. It may be worth carrying an extra pair with you if you are out and about all day. Not only will you protect your skin, but you can prevent flu as well.

9. Skip the astringents

Even if you have greasy skin, it’s usually best to avoid too many facial treatments during the cooler months. Astringents and facial peels tend to remove the protective oil from your face. Look for creamy or foaming cleansers instead of alcohol-based toners. You don’t want to irritate your skin, so save your favorite scrubs for summer.

10. Take cooler baths

In winter, it’s so tempting to take a hot bath, but try to avoid doing it. You don’t have to take a cold shower, but avoid very hot water. If the water is too warm, it will actually break down the protective oils in your skin. Instead of hydrating, a hot shower can actually dehydrate you. The same goes for a bath. Stick to warm water, instead.

Winter can be a bad time of year for skin. Take care of yourself and you will not have to deal with dry, flaky skin. It can be difficult, particularly for those who are already battling dry skin problems. Treat your skin gently and protect it as well as you can from the elements to help you make it through the long winter. Don’t use too many beauty products. All you need is a gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer. Moreover, make sure you drink enough water and eat healthy each day. What are your secrets to a beautiful skin during the winter season?