Start your organization with the WIZT home inventory app!

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Every homeowner knows the joy of walking around and taking stock of a freshly-cleaned house. The living room looks cozy and inviting, the kitchen is spotless, the designated room for the piles of miscellaneous items leftover from move-in day has been slightly more organized, the bedroom is fit for royalty. Although, now that I mention it, those piles of items kind of sour the whole effect. There’s no real place for them, even though they spark joy (a phrase that I totally just came up with by myself). Storing them in boxes seems like a decent way to get organized, but you’d soon lose track of where everything was. Unpacking multiple boxes just to find your spare phone charger doesn’t seem particularly appealing.

Luckily, a recently released app relieves this problem. It’s called WIZT, and it helps its users find anything, anywhere – even when that thing is boxed up. Instead of exhausting yourself rummaging, WIZT allows you to add a digital AR marker to the photo of your storage space to quickly point out where your item is kept. The best part is that it goes beyond boxed items: WIZT lets you take a photo of anything you’d like to keep track of, allowing you to pull up the photo next time you’re looking for that item. And down the line when you move to a different space, you can even use WIZT’s sharing functionality share the information with your friends and family to let them collaborate with you on organization. WIZT stores all your data on the cloud that is secured with your password and 2FA authentication.

WIZT makes moving into a new home, or organizing your current nest, a breeze. It’s currently available on Google Play and iPhone users can try it on Apple Test Flight. More information can be found on WIZT’s Website