These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Psychic & Their Sixth Sense Is On Point

Pisces: They Catch Glimpses Of Alternate Universes


Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac calendar and thus, it contains the wisdom that only comes with old age. It is said that if you were born as a Pisces, you’re inevitably tied to the spirit plane. Your perception of the earthly world is interwoven with images from a realm that is not easily seen by the naked eye. Some even say that only the most ancient of souls are born as a Pisces, which explains why mysticism from your precious lives may still linger with you.

Carrying an ocean of imagination, the subconscious of a Pisces is astoundingly vivid and brimming with truth. Their thoughts and dreams often contain messages from alternate universes, and the vast majority of those born under this sign have probably had paranormal experiences throughout the course of their life.

Scorpio: They’ve Stared Into The Face Of Darkness & Survived


A Scorpio is naturally inclined toward extremes. There’s no darkness too dark for them to be afraid of delving deeper. There is no light too light for them to deem it too good to be true. They need to be able to see and experience it all, even if it’s terrifying. Even if it hurts. When a Scorpio bravely pushes the limit and faces the shadows that no one else is willing to even look at, they always return with an immense source of psychic knowledge. Even if some of that darkness clings onto them, they believe the powerful result makes it worth it.

Because a Scorpio understands the meaning of true darkness and true light, they are able to see things that no one else sees. They understand things that no one else can even begin to fathom.

Cancer: They Can Look Directly Into People’s Hearts


A Cancer knows the bearings of your heart better than you do, and they can sense what you’re feeling within moments of being around you. The first thing a Cancer looks for upon meeting someone is their heart. Even if you’re trying to bury your feelings deep inside of you, where no one will find it, there’s nothing you can do to hide it from a Cancer. Why would you? Not only do they see your heart, they understand it. Their empathy and intuition is as expansive as the sky.

Because a Cancer is so in-tune with everyone’s emotions, they can sense the energies and vibrations that linger in the air wherever they go. If they enter a space that’s heavy with negativity, a Cancer feels pain. If they go somewhere that’s swirling with love and light, a Cancer might be brought to tears of joy.