5 Healthy Ways to Detox

Although a healthy body has the ability to detoxify itself, not all of us has healthy bodies. The winter season with its comfort foods, lazy days and long nights took its toll on our bodies. Now it is time to get your body functions back on track, get rid of winter bloating and start preparing for the bikini season. Follow these five steps to cleansing your body naturally and eliminate the toxins from your life.

1. Start your morning with fruit-infused water

Instead of drinking a cup of your favorite coffee or black tea, sip your way to a toxin-free, healthy body. Start your morning with a glass of fruit-infused water. Make sure you do not add sugar and honey to it.

Lemon, lime, berry or kiwi water is a much healthier alternative to coffee and black tea that helps to cleanse the body as well as boost the immune system. Green tea is a healthy drink too unless you buy a cheap version and add sugar to it.

2. Get your heart pumping

Exercise stimulates the body and helps it cleanse itself. It improves the blood and lymph circulation, allowing the liver and lymph nodes to cleanse the fluids that contain white blood cells that flow through the body. Moreover, exercise opens up the sweat glands and helps to cleanse the skin through perspiration.

Running, bicycling, walking, jump roping, swimming, yoga and pilates are all good exercises for detoxifying your body. Do not overdo it, though. 10 minutes each morning or 20-30 minutes three times a week will be enough to promote your spring detox, not to mention that you may drop a few pounds. Stay hydrated and drink water before and after your morning workout routine.

3. Enjoy a healthy breakfast

If you are experiencing a heavy winter bloat, a nutrient-dense green smoothie must be your breakfast choice. If you are looking just to cleanse your body, a green smoothie and a healthy spring salad with one hard-boiled egg or spinach omelet for breakfast will do the trick.

The same goes for lunch and dinner. Choose your food combo carefully and eliminate any meal that you know may cause bloating. Consume more organic fruit and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. Leafy greens have plenty of detoxing properties. Including them in your spring menu is a surefire way to detox and increase your energy level.

4. Eliminate bloating

Bloating is something that we can’t talk freely about, even at home. It may seem like a temporary problem when in reality it may become a permanent one. Incorporating bloat-fighting foods such as dandelion, cucumber, papaya, banana, ginger, asparagus, fennel seeds, chamomile, and peppermint into your daily meal plan is an effective way to eliminate bloating naturally.

5. Head to a sauna

Sauna helps to eliminate waste through perspiration. Plus, it helps to burn 63 to 84 calories in 30 minutes. But this option is not for everyone. Consult your doctor before relaxing in a sauna for 30 minutes. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to balance your pH levels.

We typically go through the winter months in storage mode. All we do is stay warm and eat comfort food. Spring changes it all. Welcome the new weather and season full of fresh produce with these simple ways to detox the body.