6 Tips to Making Your Coffee Drinking Habit Healthier


Coffee mostly gets a lot of grief, but this is when we add unnecessary things to it that are unhealthy. But, it is not as bad as you might think. Research shows it can be good for you, and there are ways you can make it even healthier for you. You need to know what is the best addition and what is not. It can be coffee creamer brands you need to know that is healthy. When you have an idea, you can enjoy your coffee break daily. Below are tips to make your coffee habit healthier. More so, if you drink coffee every day. 

1. Figure out if you like coffee

Only true coffee lovers will be willing to go the extra mile to enjoy more forms, add-ins to a healthier drink. People who associate coffee with giving them an energy boost to finish tasks and other assignments do not count as loving and enjoying a cup of coffee. Therefore, you need to figure out if like coffee or it is a Band-Aid to cover your poor sleeping habits. Those that like coffee will learn the various roasts, coffee types, brands, equipment, healthier versions, among many others. 

2. Skip syrups and go organic 
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If you can wean yourself off sweeteners, it is best for a healthy cup of coffee. Most of these syrups have sugar-free, non-fat, low calories all over them, but this does not mean it translates to health benefits. The healthier option for these syrups is organic cream or making your alternative milk from nuts and oats. Using organic milk is best as it has no sweeteners, artificial flavors, or additives. 

3. Add some cinnamon 

Cinnamon gives your health a boost in various ways. So, next time you are fixing a cup of coffee, top it off with some cinnamon and enjoy a different and healthier option of your coffee. Cinnamon has antioxidant properties, among many other benefits. Such as to lower blood sugar. Plus, adding spices adds no calories and gives your coffee its unique taste as you also cut back on sugar. Other spices you can use are cloves, cayenne, and cardamom. 

4. Only use filtered water 
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You need to boil water to brew your coffee, but it does not mean it is the best kind of water. Filtered water is the best. Use it for taste if you do not want to use it for health. Using filtered water is best as it has no unwanted heavy metals like copper or lead, mostly in old pipes. Plus, tap water has many chlorine by-products from disinfection that are harmful in the long run. More importantly, before you think of using water from a well, check if tests for contaminants are done. 

5. Have coffee and healthy food for breakfast 

Do not have coffee only for your breakfast. Many people guzzle down a cup of coffee in the morning as they run late for work. Unfortunately, by midday, they have a growling stomach. Due to lack of a proper breakfast and its already lunchtime. Coffee is not a meal replacement. Drinking it can be healthy, and it is vital to have a proper meal instead of using coffee as a replacement. Practice good self-care with your coffee drinking habits and eat a balanced diet. You need food, not just caffeine.

6. Try sparkling coffee 
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Are you seeking a replacement for your diet soda? Opt for sparkling coffee. To do this, blend a cold brew with natural ingredients like honey and lemon juice. Avoid the marketed flavored healthy energy drinks. They only have formulations that contain antioxidants, electrolytes, and less caffeine than the usual cup of coffee. 

To conclude, it is vital to enjoy a healthy cup of coffee and do so as a habit. Having sugar and unhealthy cream every day in your coffee only deteriorates your health a day at a time. Thus, learn more about healthy coffee habits. What to add and what to avoid. If you are still unsure, you can enjoy your coffee black with no additives, but make sure you know the coffee beans type, and it is best to make it from home.