8 Reasons to See a Physio Before you get Injured

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Most will only turn to physio when they have a nagging pain or worse, a serious injury. Although this is pretty much standard for most people, it’s not actually the best way to take care of yourself. Your physiotherapist can actually offer you more than you think, here are just 8 reasons why you should see your physio on a regular basis, before you get injured:  

1. A lack of pain does not equate to a lack of injury 

Pain is often a delayed sign of illness or injury, by the time you feel an issue, it might be significantly damaging already. A serious muscle or mobility problem may not be causing you pain, but it could still be there. Your physio will pick up on anything you might have missed.  

2. Prevention and precautions are cures themselves 

Taking optimal care of yourself is the best way to avoid injury or declining health in the future. Don’t wait to be in pain to pay attention to your wellbeing! Regular trips to your physio can help you to resolve long term micro-tissue damage and any dormant problems your body might be battling.  

3. You should be investing in your health  

You wouldn’t neglect the upkeep of your car or home, so why ignore your own? Your well-being is absolutely key to a happy and active life, it’s well worth investing in. By regularly working for a healthy mind and body, you’ll be taking the right steps towards good, long term health.  

4. Addressing those old, forgotten injuries  

No matter how old you are, chances are you’ve suffered from a few scrapes over the years. It’s easy to forget injuries from the past once they’ve healed up, but this can badly affect your health in the future. Resolve your injuries past, present and future with consistent trips to the physio.  

5. It’s better to be at full health, not just okay 

You want to wake up everyday feeling great, not complacent. Investing in your health will mean that you’ll be feeling in tip-top condition all year round.  

6. Improve your balance and mobility  

Your physio will help you to work towards your best level of mobility and balance. By paying regular attention to your muscles, your body tissue, and your overall health, you’ll be benefiting your lifestyle as a whole. This is especially beneficial if you lead an active life or if you’re an avid sports player.  


 7. Your physio may be able to provide you with other health enhancing services 

Physiotherapists are often versed in more than one trade! Talk to your physio about additional massages, personal training and other services that will help you to work towards your best health yet.  

8. With consistency comes better health!  

Nothing is truly solved in one session. Your body’s health and mobility is going to grow and strengthen overtime, consistency is key to making that happen.   

With so many benefits and health enhancing services, there’s no reason not to pay regular trips to the right physio, before you get injured. For amazing health that’s maintained overtime, physiotherapy sydney cbd is your answer.