Beach Cruisers For Beginners: What You Need To Know

Congratulations on finally moving to a place where there is a beach.  The flat boardwalk, with the ocean on one side and shops on the other, is the perfect place for biking.  Having the right bike can make this delightful experience even more enjoyable.  You may have noticed that beach bikes are different from the bikes that folks ride in landlocked areas.  Here is your guide to the beach cruiser for beach bums everywhere.

Less Is More

The elegance of beach cruiser bikes is in their simplicity.  They are designed for coasting along the beach at a leisurely pace.  They can go fast enough for a cardio workout, but they are best at people-watching speeds.  Therefore, many beach cruisers only have one speed.  Because of their simple design, beach cruisers are wonderfully easy to operate.  They are a great bike for people who are just getting into cycling.

When You Need a Bike with More Oomph

Beach cruisers are great for the beach and for sidewalk cycling on flat terrain.  But what if you also want to bike on rougher terrain than just the beach or sprawling Florida suburbs?  Beach cruisers are not appropriate for biking up dirt roads on mountains in a national park.  A hybrid bike is the best of both worlds.  It is lightweight enough for the easy steering and cruising of a beach cruiser.  Meanwhile, it has several speeds, so it can handle a few hills.  Hybrid bikes are better for off-road biking.  A hybrid bike can give you surf-side leisure and all-day bike trail trips in just one bike.

Whether you choose a hybrid bike or a beach cruiser, you are sure to enjoy your sunny bike rides on the beach.  Which one you choose depends on your level of experience and your biking goals.


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