Bike Sharing – A Green, Responsible Way to Travel


There are many ways cycling can change our daily lives. The environmental positives of cycling have been well-documented but it also has benefits in other areas too.

Cycling as a Transit Option

More and more are adopting the humble cycle as a pragmatic way of reaching the workplace or traveling around familiar areas. The smart cyclist can negotiate even the worst of traffic jams. In a worst-case scenario, one can pick up or maneuver the cycle away from a gridlock, something not possible with a car or bike. Cycling enables people to choose side streets and narrow roadways to get to their destination – adding more flexibility to the route.

Cycling for Health

Cycling is one of the most valued fitness methods, a mix of strengthening and endurance building, and a very good cardio workout. Compared to jogging on a treadmill, it is easier on the knees and builds leg strength faster.

Here are just some of the health benefits of pedaling around town. Stroke and heart disease are becoming increasingly common – lower the probabilities of these life-threatening conditions with a regular dose on the bicycle. Cycling is a low-impact muscle workout for the entire body. So there are no extremely sore bodies after a session of cycling but the muscle strength is slowly building. Obesity is one of the main physical conditions that may lead to a list of other diseases, cycling is the top way to stay in shape.

Recreational Cycle Tours

City tours are not just about the landmarks, they can also be about the way the journey is undertaken. A cycle route around the city will be full of pleasant surprises, as hidden streets and old corners suddenly open up. The morning and evening routes along old Mumbai provide some of the best urban cycling experiences, along with the streets of Lutyen’s Delhi or Bangalore’s central neighborhoods and residential boulevards.

There is no need to directly invest in a bicycle, especially for those who are still treading the waters of this transport mode. It is very easy to rent a bicycle online, there are apps dedicated to it too. There are many advantages to renting a bicycle apart from cost savings – there is no hassle for storage or parking. Customers can enjoy all the benefits without making a permanent commitment.

Bike sharing is an increasing trend across the world, as people and governments are also more aware of the positive changes it brings to the community. India is also a growing stage for bicycle enthusiasts. Bicycle rental services like Pedl are bringing hi-tech and convenient transport together with an innovative and affordable platform. Customers can unlock the cycle via a wallet app and ride around town for as much time as they want. With cycling making a comeback for so many good reasons, it is a recommended addition for a better lifestyle.